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Director of EBA Mr. Ivan Savvov made a report at the UN headquarters

The permanent platform EBA about the nature of fake news was launched in Geneva.

On 28th of July 2019 at the Palace of Nations, as part of the Public Hearing dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) under the initiative of Europe Business Assembly and ‘EBA Global’ Loyalty Programme Mr. Ivan Savvov made a presentation about different types of disinformation as well as explained how and why the pre-paid article about EBA activity in the ‘Times’ appeared.

The concept of the EBA project ‘Anti-fake news Investigation Agency’ was supported by representatives of the business community from more than 20 countries.

Europe Business Assembly has got the special consultancy status of the United Nations Organization since 2018. One of the priority tasks in this status is to promote the activities of the world organizations in the fight against ‘fake-news’.

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Photo: Director of EBA Mr. Ivan Savvov made a report at the UN headquarters

The Director of the European Business Assembly Ivan Savvov will speak at the UN

Discussion of the dangers of fake news and the fight against it in the media is the subject of a report by Europe Business Assembly Director Ivan Savvov at public hearings in the United Nations on February 20, 2020 in Geneva at the Palais des Nations at the initiative of the European Business Assembly.

Fake news over the past decade has become a media phenomenon that is increasingly mentioned by heads of state and international leaders. And with the development of social networks  almost every inhabitant of our planet regularly encounters them.

‘In recent years, the massive dissemination of fake news disguised as news has reached a critical point and deserves serious attention. If we consider news journalism as a kind of journalistic genre, then today we can talk about the existence of ‘fake news parajournalism’, - says Ivan Savvov, director of Europe Business Assembly.

The concept of ‘fake’ combines a number of components of a modern media environment, which includes not only fake texts, but also photos, video and audio recordings. This is about artificially created popular personalities who act as opinion leaders and distributors of fake news, artificial popular projects that are specially promoted with the help of Internet bots, and the same fake accounts that are made using massive “likes” and positive comments able to set the perception and dissemination of fake information and the necessary public opinion.

At the same time, in modern society there is not even a clear definition and delimitation of such concepts as ‘fake news’, ‘false information’, ‘desinformation’. At its core, fake news is stylistically created like real news, but partially or completely false message about current or already occurring events. To combat such fake news, the Europe Business Assembly created the Anti-fake news Investigation Agency (AIA) in April 2019. 

AIA main tasks are:

  •  - Promoting education of the public and journalists about the negative effects of fake news on the formation of society;
  •  - Helping the world community to combat misinformation and fabricated news, messages based on unverified or anonymous sources;
  •  - Protecting victims of fake information attacks and providing an objective and transparent platform for expressing true information.

Why is it important to actively fight against fake news?

According to the director of Europe Business Assembly Ivan Savvov, the problem of fake news and online aggression is very important for society, public figures, business and social media. The toxicity of the media space filled with fake messages can not only scare potential customers and users, but also seriously damage the reputation. Moreover, the more popular the resource is, the more attractive it looks for distributors of false content.

Journalists have already noted that fake news is harmful to both small regional publications and large ones with a worldwide reputation, as a result the users and readers are deceived and in the future they become apathetic to the news.

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Oxford Debate 'University of the Future'


27 September, 2019

Academic Lounge, Oxford, UK 

The Academic Union, Oxford introduces the exclusive format of the Academic Union Oxford (AUO) events -Oxford Debate 'University of the Future’.

Oxford Debate represents a special partnership and discussion platform for regional leaders and leading experts in national and global education.

The Debate will be held at the Academic Lounge in the center of Oxford and will be live streamed on the official Academic Union channels to be announced to professional audiences from 54 world countries. 


TOPICS FOR DISCUSSIONS will be as follows:

  •  - Does a crisis of classical University models exist on the way from industrial to digital Era?
  •  - Your concept and aims of the University of the Future.
  •  - What will be a business model for universities?
  •  - What will be the university campus of the future?
  •  - What and how will university students study?
  •  - What role do colleges play for continuing education?
  •  - How to engage students to university model development?
  •  - Does college education help develop practical skills and find a job faster? Should the syllabus be changed drastically?
  •  - Does a college have any future without effective online education strategy, mixed education, implementation of digital studies?
  •  - Universities should cooperate, not compete with each other. Are you ready to initiate communications, liaisons, and joint projects with other colleges around the world?


The Debate will be moderated by Dr Rui Verde.

Dr Rui Verde has a PhD in Law (University of Newcastle, UK) and a Doctorate in Humane

Letters (HC-Indian Institute of Mangement, Delhi). Presently, he is Visiting Academic at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford as well Distinguish Professor at the Indian Institute of Management. He is also Director of Executive Programmes in the Academic Union, Oxford. He has proffered during 2018/2019 several talks in conferences

and chaired panels at the Universities of Oxford, London, Birmingham and LSE.Previously, Rui was Vice-Rector, Dean of Law, Vice-President and MBA coordinator in universities in Portugal, Brazil and Angola and a Professor of Law. He also taught in the UK and Kazakhstan.

Rui has authored several books and articles and he is a regular commentator of Deutsche Welle. He is a Member of the Royal African Society and ORCID ID- 0000-0002-9646-5296. 

Your opinion on the University of the Future, the transformations in the field of higher education that you can foresee for your institution and region, on innovations that should be or are already being implemented in your institution, will be of great value for educational sphere professionals!


Achievements Forum 2021 Excellence in Quality and Management


Achievements Forum 2021 Excellence in Quality and Management on 5 October, 11.30 GMT+1 will be live broadcasted of the official YouTube channel and Facebook page to make the event even more open and borderless.

Online event will gather CEOs, owners and TOP-managers of leading regional companies, prominent regional healthcare providers, Rectors and Vice-Chancellors of successful universities.

Join EBA YouTube and Facebook

Worthwhile discussion from Regional Leaders in Higher Education. Who we will listen to?

Oxford Debate


‘University of the Future’


The exclusive format of events of the Academic Union of Oxford.

Special partnership and discussion platform for TOP EXPERTS in regional and global education.


The current list of participants:

  1. Universidade de Cabo Verde (Cabo Verde)
  2. International School of Curitiba (Brazil)
  3. Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences, Jamshoro (Pakistan)
  4. Gandhigram Rural Institute – Deemed University (India)
  5. Universidad Politecnica del Mar y la Sierra (Mexico)
  6. Corporacion Universitaria del Meta – UNIMETA (Colombia)
  7. Koforidua Technical University (Ghana)
  8. MKSSS, Dr.Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women (India)
  9. Riga Technical University (Latvia)
  10. Universidad Nacional de San Antonio de Areco (Argentina)
  11. Somani Foundation School (India)


See LIVE BROADCAST on the official channel of the Academic Union on 22 May 2019

Interview with Van Tho Nguyen



EBA is pleased to announce presenting the title ‘Honorary Professor of The Academic Union, Oxford’ to Van Tho Nguyen, Chairman, General Director of SOUTHERN INFORMATION AND VALUATION CORPORATION, Vietnam.


Ph.D, Lawyer Nguyen Van Tho has more than 35 year of experience is practicing valuer, bearing valuer’s card No. 06082D1, fellow of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS), membership No. 1262834. He is Ph.D of economics, lawyer, chairman of Asia Pacific Group of international property consultants and advisers (VPC), member of Executive Board of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association. He is former Director General of a Department directly under the Government Pricing Committee.


Established in 1999, Southern Information and Valuation Corporation is the leading company in the field of valuation in Vietnam with a wealth of experience, expertise, prestige, and the quality management system appropriate to international standards of valuation. We perform valuation for most types of assets with different purposes.

Van Tho Nguyen answered the questions of Jeff Harris, British Guild of Masters of Ceremony during The Achievements Forum 2021 on March 19th.


Jeff Harris: How would you rate your company: national, regional or international?

Van Tho Nguyen:  Over 22 years of continuous innovation and development, SIVC is increasingly asserting its leading position in the valuation industry in Vietnam. At the same time, the business also received noble awards from the state:

  • First Class Labor Medal: 2014.
  • Second Class Labor Medal, and
  • Third Class Labor Medal

SIVC has satisfied the strict standards of ACQUISITION INTERNATIONAL to receive the international award "BEST VALUATION ENTERPRISE IN VIETNAM 2017” and 2018 granted by Acquisition International magazine (UK), in the framework of the award "Business Excellence Awards”

In 2017, SIVC excellently received the award "Manager of the Year" and “Best Enterprise Awards” for a solid position in the domestic and international market from the Europe Business Assembly in France.

In addition, SIVC is also member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, member of VPC Asia Pacific Group, member of the International Real Estate Federation.

SIVC is always aware that “National brand is an important and necessary tool to enhance the position of enterprises in the international economic integration process, is the key to increase the value of enterprises". Therefore, SIVC has constantly innovated, integrated, gradually built and developed its brand in a professional and prestigious manner, contributing to enhancing and affirming its position in the domestic as well as international market for 22 years.

Jeff Harris: Have your business strategies and tactics changed during a pandemic? If yes, in what way?

 Van Tho Nguyen: Currently, Vietnam's prestige and position are highly appreciated by the international community through its successes in the prevention and fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an opportunity for the world to know about Vietnam with a special advantage of "strategic trust". In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic still having complicated developments in many countries around the world, good disease control in Vietnam has created a great advantage in economic recovery, establishing a new position in the international arena.

 The Government of Vietnam has done well to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, contributing to minimizing the damage, and the negative impact of the pandemic on the economy, but in general, domestic enterprises are still affected and faced many difficulties. During this period, we cannot only rely on the resources and supportive policies of the Government, but to win, we need efforts from businesses and employees. It is the consensus and cohesion from all sides that will be the main driving force for us to overcome this crisis.

The pandemic is still happening complicatedly on a global scale and in Vietnam, affecting many economic sectors. In this context, businesses need to have a flexible change in strategies as well as methods of implementing those strategies. Despite being affected by the epidemic, this is also an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses in general and SIVC in particular to acknowledge and re-evaluate their true capacity, resilience, and ability to "resist" to adapt to changes, consolidate the market, review, evaluate, restructure the customer base and find new directions to be more proactive, develop a plan to renew business strategies, quickly capture signals and new market needs, because risks always paralleled opportunities. This is the basis for promoting capacity building of businesses, creating a premise for sustainable development.

 During the recent difficult times, SIVC has been promoting the spirit of overcoming difficulties, self-reliance, efforts to maintain business activities and jobs for employees. SIVC has been very proactive in formulating new strategies. Many initiatives have been implemented to overcome the negative impacts of the pandemic such as applying flexible working hours, reviewing, actively searching for markets, quickly seizing new business opportunities; applying digital technology in business activities, etc. These are the bases to believe that SIVC will take new steps in the current pandemic situation.

“Covid-19 is an unexpectedly big challenge that no one wants, but it is also a test for corporate governance capabilities. Enterprises that invest in development strategies, dare to look directly at the problem will see this as a good opportunity to complete the business operation process, rearrange personnel structure, thereby creating momentum for faster growth as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic is controlled”. At the same time, to prepare for the crises that arise in the new situation, it is the right time to reexamine the priority business areas, look for differences in the value chain, and train employees in a new way of operation. Workforce training, especially young workforce, responding quickly to increase skills for employees, to meet the needs of businesses in the new situation.

Jeff Harris: What qualities in your personality have made you a leader?

Van Tho Nguyen : We cannot decide on natural talent, but we can choose our personalities. We can control it the way we want. For example avoiding or dare to face immediate difficulties, assertive or hesitant about a problem, accept failure or give up? All these choices constantly make up the personality of a leader.

I myself always think that:

- Morality must always go with talent: You have talent, but the morality of a leader you don't have, sooner or later you will get defeat. Morality always goes hand in hand with talent, so you will get the collective consensus and above all, your professional ethics will be maintained in all circumstances.

- Vision and assertiveness: The success or failure of the business depends on the talent of the leader because of the leader's assertiveness and foresight. Because the society has many changes and changes require leaders to have a realistic strategic vision, clear goal planning and know immediate difficulties and advantages to make business development plans. Without the ability to predict the future, it will be difficult to give a long-term vision and development strategy of the business. Besides, assertiveness in all jobs will help them to make timely and wise decisions.

- Understanding and constantly learning: What is certain is that leaders cannot run well if they do not know anything about their field of activity. In addition to the basic knowledge in the field of their activities, the leader must also read a lot and always have the spirit of learning to constantly improve knowledge, recognize and update new information and knowledge. Raising qualifications and understanding is the key to being a good leader.

- Adaptability: Business may work today, but it will be different tomorrow. Specifically, in the present reality, the pandemic of covid-19 is happening complicatedly around the world, affecting the business operations of enterprises. As a leader, therefore, it takes a strong change to adapt to the new situation. A leader must always update with new skills, technologies and methods to promote his business in all circumstances.

    * What I want to share here, it is: To become a leader, it requires you to really enjoy your work with continuous effort to be able to converge the necessary qualities of a leader, at the same time you need to go through a long period of training with the necessary qualities besides learning and gaining experiences from previous generations.


Annual Written Statements of Europe Business Assembly to the UN

Mr Ivan Savvov, Director of Europe Business Assembly submitted an Annual Written Statements to the UN for the 2020 ECOSOC High Level Segment.

The High-level Political Forum, United Nations central platform for follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals, provides for the full and effective participation of all States Members of the United Nations and States members of specialized agencies.

The key messages are:

  • Development of Socially Responsible Business
  • Accessible education and debate University of the Future
  • Journalistic Standards and creation of mitigation institution for protection of journalistic ethics

Read full letter

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