Anti-Fake News Investigation Agency (AIA)

“Fake news” has become a powerful instrument for spreading negative information all over the world. Every day world brands, thousands of people, companies and corporations become victims of fake news attacks. 

On April 12, 2019 at the Achievements Forum in London it was decided to create the Anti-fake news Investigation Agency (AIA) under the auspices of the Academic Union, Oxford, UK. Leaders of business, science, and education from 54 countries all over the world signed the Resolution on the creation of the Agency to protect society from unscrupulous journalists. 

The AIA has united the experts in the field of law, political science, sociology, media communications, psychology to:

  - Help the world community become free from misinformation and fabricated news based on anonymous or unverified sources;

- Promote the education of the general public and the journalistic community about the negative effects of fake news for the formation of a positive society;

- Offer protection for the victims of fake attacks, providing an objective, transparent platform for the expression of authoritative and truthful information. 

As part of the Agency's work, we hold regular open hearings, where the Expert Commission reviews unfair publications and gives an expert conclusion on the presence of fake attacks.

The participants of the hearings can be anyone from the full spectrum of individuals and organizations affected by fake news and disinformation, regardless of ethnic or religious backgrounds. Any person whose reputation or business has suffered from misinforming publications in the media or social networks can apply for an impartial and independent investigation to the Agency. 

The objective of participation: During the hearing, the Expert Committee will consider the real cases of fake attacks, through the analysis of publications, articles and other forms of misinformation. Each case will be treated separately and impartially. Upon completion, the Commission will announce its expert opinion and practical recommendations on the situation. The participant receives a special certificate confirming the presence or the absence of fake information in publications about them. 

In order to become a participant of the hearing, you should send the completed application form to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and attach materials that indicate a fake attack on your brand or your name (scans of printed articles with headline, author and date of the publication, links for Internet publications or video, etc.). 

Materials that a participant should provide for consideration by the Expert Committee:

  - Scans of printed articles with headline, author of the publication, number and date of issue;

  - Internet publications (text with the link);

  - Video reports (link for the video);

  - Social network posts (text with a link);

  - Other types of misinformation publications with a source. 

If the original publications are not English language, please attach their translation into English. 


  • Each participant can present their own company to the public with truthful and reliable facts about its activities.
  • The Expert Committee considers each case individually, taking into account objective information and the participant’s point of view on what was the real reason of the fake attack.
  • The participant receives a special certificate with the confirmation that their reputation was intentionally harmed by creating a fake attack.
  • The event is attended by leading experts in the field of information of the ХХI century who will provide consulting support to the victims of fake news.
  • VIP-format of the event allows maximum comfort and attention to each participant who applied to the Agency. The time of the session and all the attention of the Expert Committee are devoted only to one participant.
  • The live broadcast of the session on the YouTube official channel of the Academic Union will allow us to present the work of the event and the resolution of the Expert Committee to a wide audience.  

Event format: 

  • The presentation session includes a brief showcase of the Anti-fake news Investigation Agency and a participant showcase. The participant that has previously submitted the materials, describes the situation with the presence of a fake attack on their reputation.
  • In the expert session the Commission makes a detailed review. The experts give a conclusion containing an analysis of the fake phenomenon under consideration and practical recommendations for the participant.
  • The protocol part of the meeting will be devoted to the delivery of certificates with a conclusion, confirming the presence or the absence of fake information in the publications relating to the participant. 
  • Date of the next hearing: check with the organizing committee.
  • Venue: Conference office of the Academic Union (2 Woodin’s Way, Oxford, UK).
  • Deadline for submission of media materials for consideration by the Expert Committee: no later than two weeks before the hearing. 


We are forming the honest and objective media field together! Join us!


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