Oxford Debate Platform

‘Oxford Debate’ is an exclusive format of the Academic Union, Oxford events, special partnership and discussion platform for higher education regional leaders, famous experts in the field of regional and global healthcare sector and specialists in the field of urban and territorial management.

The opinions of speakers and experts on these most important social spheres and potential challenges of their future development may coincide or differ, but they are always extremely interesting for those who are professionals in their case.

The discussion session will be held in the state-of-the-art conference facilities in the centre of the Oxford City, the Academic Lounge, that is fully equipped with modern company secretarial services, concierge, hot desk, clublounge opportunities and many more.

The coming session 

22 May 2019 - Oxford Debate: ‘University of the Future’ under the Academic Union, Oxford (AUO) may become the meeting within your competence.


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