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Europe Business Assembly (EBA) is an international non-governmental organization, a voluntary association of political, scientif c and business leaders from all over the world, a tool for multicultural dialogue.

The mission of EBA: business globalization of community members, promotion of their achievements and innovative methods in f elds of economy, science, education and medicine, social progress facilitation.

The main priority is the MICE industry development (business tourism) in the elite market segment.
EBA has a special consultative status in the Economic and Social Council of the UN (UNECOSOC was created in 1945 as one of six principal bodies of the UN). 

Juridical basis – EBA Ltd. (reg. No. 3964500 in England)
Main of ce: 2, Woodin's Way, OXFORD, OX1 1HF, United Kingdom
Contact phone: +44 (o) 1865 251 122;
Fax: +44 (o) 1865 251 113


Board of Directors:

Ivan Savvov (UK) – administrative director,
Christina Briggs (UK) - communications;
Dr. Rui Verde (UK) – science and education;
Heinz Wehrle (Switzerland) – investment policy;
Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola (Belgium) – medicine and healthcare;
Anton Savvov (Ukraine) – marketing policy;
Jorgen Ericsson (Sweden) - Sustainable City Development Programme.

Main activity areas:
· Organization of global summits and conferences aiming at improvement of regional leaders’ networking opportunities
· Promotion of regional leaders’ achievements in periodicals, in web-resources, world media
· Leadership training programs’ development and implementation.

EBA summits and their value

The summits, organized by EBA in collaboration with regional partners, are a permanent interactive platform for international economic, academic and intercultural cooperation.
Since 2000, over 10000 delegates from 56 countries have visited EBA forums, hundreds of innovative projects have been presented, specialized working meetings for experience sharing and negotiations have been conducted, as well as networking events for higher educational institutions rectors. This is a VIP platform for your ideas and innovations’ to the business and scientific communities presenting, an opportunity to open up oneself to the world, to find investors and partners, a path to global recognition of professional achievements.
The main summit of the year – the annual Assembly of EBA – is traditionally held in Oxford in the last days of December and is a main summing-up of the expiring year. Other summits, conferences and visiting sessions are held in different countries of the world, on the most prestigious business
and exhibition venues in collaboration with business partners. Each participant of EBA projects and programs may initiate the EBA event organizing in his country. This is how we implement one of the main activity principles: we represent the best of the best and the best represent their countries.

Participation in EBA projects and programmes

Any person, who has succeeded in any professional activity, one who believes that he has something to say to contemporaries and descendants, regardless of the ethnic, racial, religious or social af liation, can become an EBA projects and programmes’ participant.

The Socrates ceremony

Socrates ceremony is the key moment of summit programs; it is a formal procedure honouring leaders in science, industry, business and medicine, who possess professional and intellectual achievements in the modern world. EBA board of directors and experts holds the ceremony together with the Board members and, in case of visiting ceremonies, public figures and media persons in the host country.

Leaders, whose nominations are approved by the Board of Directors, receive EBA awards in various categories corresponding to their area of activity.

The procedure for awards competitive selection

'We build the world of successful people!' This is the EBA motto. The direct meaning of words defnes the methodology and selection criteria.
Again, every day EBA marketing department specialists monitor business activities in different world regions. Thousands of personalia are 'Seen and read'. Due to the proprietor procedure, we exclude companies that are not of interest for EBA projects.

The main selection criteria are:
· The evaluation of the company work in regional media
· A high position in regional rankings
· Brand recognition
· Positive feedback from customers and business partners
· Popularity and quality of company goods and services. 

The second stage of a rather strenuous procedure, afer careful study of "weak and strong" points of a potential nominee, includes negotiations. 

The third stage consists of decision making about nomination or refusal.

EBA awards

EBA Awards are club awards. They are presented to EBA members as the leadership potential evidence. By presenting business activities’ attributes to the best companies and leaders in science, industry and business, we are doing a lot for their business promotion in the global economic space. Patent certifcation of EBA awards is confrmed by relevant licenses of UK Intellectual Property Ofce. Each award has a registration number. Legal rights belong to EBA.

EBA grants licenses for the right to use the award attributes in commercial purposes for fve years validation period. A small fee for license is also charged.
The attributes of EBA awards are handmade, manufactured from precious metals, covered with a ball of gold and encrusted with Swarovski stones. A London jeweler Alfred Vinetskiy is the author of these awards. Of course, these attributes are of economic and aesthetic value. They increase in price even more due to their value and exclusivity.

In order to become a laureate of an EBA award and a participant of the Socrates ceremony, it is necessary to f ll in the registration form, which options allow obtaining a full prof le of a candidate, give recommendations from business partners or authorities (desirable but not obligatory) and pay the registration fee. In addition, the right to nominate award candidates is granted to regional municipalities, chambers of commerce and industry, creative unions, public organizations, and our laureates- members of the ‘EBA Global’ loyalty programme.

Our ceremonies are held at the most prestigious global and European venues and are well-organized. Catering, conference service, photo sessions and cultural programs are of the highest level.

EBA team

EBA is a multinational event holding. Marketing centers of EBA are equipped with modern technology and communications; they are connected to high-speed Internet. 50 operators contact different companies all over the world in the online mode every day.
EBA Speaker's Bureau contains information about hundreds of experts that provide exclusive consulting support to members of public institutions of EBA, actively contributes to visiting investment sessions, and organize economic missions of EBA in developing countries.
We publish our own journal 'Socrates Almanac'(registration number ISSN 2053-4736), on-line newspaper 'Leaders Times', investment catalogues, informational and biographical publications, monographs, and other types of literature.

EBA and the University of Oxford

We have no relevance to the University of Oxford and other educational establishments. We are not an educational institution and do not issue education certif cates. Our business does not need any special licenses. Authorial training programs that are conducted in EBA training centers are the intellectual property of our speakers and are designed for improvement of leadership qualities of our members.
We expect that in the future this activity to become a priority, since all existing knowledge systems today are improved and changed, and our clients are in critical need of new educational trends. If you are willing to work with us as a leading speaker or a consumer of our educational programs, we are pleased to invite you to dialogue.



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