City Management Platform

The ‘City management platform’ project is a joint product of the Academic Union, Oxford, and the Academic Union expert centre, a special partnership and discussion platform for regional city managers, specialists and famous experts in the field of urban and territorial management.

The platform provides for networking and improvement of professional skills for city and regional officials in administrative positions in local authorities/municipalities, mayors and governors in order to stimulate the competitiveness of the city/region, increase investment, improve the quality of life of residents and attract tourists.


‘City management platform’ is always proudly managed by highly professional coaches and speakers:

Mr Jörgen Eriksson, Founding Partner of Bearing Consulting, France (with offices in Great Britain, Croatia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden). Jörgen is a creative and inspiring professional with more than 20 years of experience in international strategy and innovative consulting for public and private sector executives on four continents. He holds an advisory role in the development of innovation systems, development and assessment of strategy, market studies, place branding, place management, and inward investment strategies. Mr Eriksson has become the in-demand expert in innovation management, strategy development, business development, risk assessments, risk management and mitigation, post-merger integration, project finance and international expansion development.

Such his proven and effective seminars as ‘Place Excellence Definition’, ‘Effective Place Strategies’ and ‘How to Reach Place Excellence?’ help to find out what is the general concept of the City Excellence and how to implement place branding methodology for reaching strong city competitiveness.

4545Mr Adam Mikołajczyk, Co-founder & CEO Best Place, European Place Marketing Institute, Poland
An international place marketing expert, passionate about branding and cities. More than 15 years associated with territorial marketing and tourism consulting. He is a co-founder and CEO of Best Place - European Place Marketing Institute - a boutique consulting organization (think-and-do tank) that aims to professionalization and popularization of place marketing and branding with current projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Best Place Institute is today the key partner for municipalities in Poland on place marketing & branding projects (Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk etc.). Also Initiating Founding Member at International Place Branding Association ( Speaker and expert in the dozens of profile conferences including, for example, the first conference in Russia devoted to the city marketing (City Marketing and Development Congress, Moscow 2010), the first congress of tourism marketing in Lviv (Win with the Lion, Lviv, Ukraine 2009), and the first place branding conference in Brazil (Place Branding Seminar DIRECTIONS, Rio de Janeiro 2014). A jury member of many competitions of the best advertising and tourist product. Engaged by the British Council to the international group of experts ‘City Idea Bakers’.

‘How to Create the Unique Identity of Your City?’ is demanded Mr Mikołajczyk’s executive seminar which is aimed definitely to refresh competences and get the latest place management and branding trends, as well as generate new valuable ideas for better execution of city development strategies.

5656Dr Jarosław Gorski, Vice-president Best Place, European Place Marketing Institute, Poland
A lecturer, coach and a consultant, advisor and place marketing trainer for the employees of the local government. Author of scientific publications, conference speaker and expert commentator. Specialist in place marketing and place competitiveness, taking into account marketing and brand strategies, marketing planning and evaluation. Author or co-author of many place marketing strategies for cities and regions in Europe. He has a great experience in place branding and marketing for cities and regions as a member of research and project teams. Researcher on countries’ and regions’ competitiveness, influence of globalization on places, European integration and eurozone, place promotion and consumer ethnocentrism.

Dr Gorski successfully addresses the municipalities’ perspectives: challenges and barriers in place marketing & branding, in his ‘Becoming a competitive city by adopting a market-oriented philosophy’ seminar. As a practitioner and academic (‘pracademic’) he professionally implements tactics of segmentation, positioning and targeting to the city brand identity models.


Within the framework of the ‘City management platform’, the projects ‘Excellence in City Management’ and ‘Innovative City Manager of the Year’ have been established to encourage municipalities and their leaders. ‘Excellence in City Management’ honours municipalities with the vision, passion and skills to make their cities comfortable places to live in, social and economic awareness, ability to provide security and to protect the environment as well as the will and ability to foster good relations between communities from different cultural, racial and social backgrounds.

An expert board of the ‘Innovative City Manager of the Year’ project are looking for regional city leaders who excel in qualities like leadership and vision, management abilities and integrity, social and economic awareness, ability to provide security and to protect the environment as well as the will and ability to foster good relations between communities from different cultural, racial and social backgrounds.

The nomination is done as the result of sociological research of the professional investigation team according to the following criteria:

- Sociology research based on national and international statistic data;
- Recommendations of special national authorities, government bodies, national and international organizations, funds and associations;
- Document and media content-analysis;
- Social networks, regional news and travel portals.



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