It is incredible to realize that EBA has been in existence now for 18 years. Who of us would ever have imagined that, in those early days, we would have grown as strongly and as globally as we have done? Our growth, and the direction of that growth, has been completely determined by the interests of those who have participated in our events over the years. Who would have thought, for instance, that an initial conference held in 2004 specif cally for university rectors would have developed into a dedicated division of EBA attracting membership from a multitude of international university leaders? Or that an early focus on health and wellness tourism would have grown into an annual event based in the Alpine regions of either Montreux in Switzerland, Stressa in Italy or the Mediterranean jewel of Malta?

Along the way we have also occupied some truly prestigious locations such as the Lividia Palace at Yalta, in the very rooms that Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill debated the future of Europe during their 1945 conference. Equally awe inspiring was an event held at Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow, or, on a regular annual basis, our spring conferences held in the former London palace of the Duke of ellington, hero of the battle against Napoleon at Waterloo.

Of course, we cannot forget the city of our birth, Oxford, a city in which we have occupied many prestigious buildings, including the Town Hall, St. John’s College, and the Oxford Union debating hall.

From small beginnings we have grown into a multi dimensional organisation with specialist focuses in economic issues, education, and leadership development. Our congregation has grown from one initially drawn from within central and east European countries to one that now represents the whole world, each of our events include representatives from more than 40 countries. What, you may ask, of the future? Well, that, we assume, will follow a pattern similar to the past in that it will be dictated by our members and attendees and the nature of their particular interests. One thing is certain, however, in following our members’ interests we will also be following them to their particular parts of the world and holding events in ever more exotic locations. I am looking forward to seeing you there – wherever 'there' may be!



History of EBA opening

Foundation in Oxford of the Europe Business Assembly (EBA) - an independent corporation for economic, social and humanitarian collaboration.
Signing of a memorandum of joint support with EMRC (Belgium), ICIE (Russia), British TVCC (UK) and other infl uential international organisations.


First summits held in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Neiredhaza, Hungary and Odessa, Ukraine.


EBA history
EUROMARKET Forum - 2002, Brussels, Belgium.
International meeting entitled “Mediterranean Prospect” held in Valletta, Malta. EUROMARKET Forum -2002 entitled “Ukraine – EU: strategy for entering the world market” held in Kiev, Ukraine.


In honour of the Day of Russia a reception for leaders of economy, science and culture was held by G.M. Selezniov, Chairman of State Duma Federal Assembly of RF, Moscow, Russia.
Economic forums for the leaders held in Belgorod, Russia; Damascus, Syria; and Antwerp, Belgium.


History of Socrates Ceremony
The Second Congress of Leaders from 26 European countries was held at the Romanian President’s palace in Bucharest.
International economic forum entitled “New Europe in the EastWest dialogue: integration and development”, held in Neiredhaza, Hungary.
The f rst Summit of Leaders took place in Oxford (UK). Subsequently Summits of Leaders have been held in Oxford every year, in the spring and autumn.
An International Forum of Leaders took place at the British Institution of Managers in London, UK.


International conference “EuroEducation 2005” held in Oxford, UK.
International business meeting around the direction of EBA and MKPP with the leaders of Russian business, education, science and culture, at the Cathedral of the Redeemer, Moscow, Russia.
International business meeting “Investing East Europe”, held in London, UK.


History of EuroEducation
International conference of the leaders of education “EuroEducation 2006” held in Barcelona, Spain.
International conference on oil and gas, Amman, Jordan.
Congress of leaders of Slavic countries, Minsk, the Republic of Belarus.
International investment business forum on realty entitled “EuropeEmpex – 2006”, London, UK.
International scientifc conference “From the Leading Person to the Leading Country”, Moscow, Russia.
International scientifc conference “EuroEducation 2006” Foundation of European Rectors Club (CRE), Oxford, UK.


History of Awards
Oxford Summit of Leaders of world business, science and arts, Oxford, UK.
Meeting of business leaders, Geneva, Switzerland.
Economic mission of EBA held in Akaba and Amman in Jordan.
International scientifc conference “EuroEducation 2007”, Barcelona, Spain.


Reception of leaders of industry, science and culture at the headquarters of MKPP, Moscow, Russia.
Oxford Summit of Leaders, Oxford, UK.
International investment forum of the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia and Eastern Europe “Eastern Gate”, Amman, Jordan.
International working meeting of leaders of business from Mediterranean countries, Saint-Julian’s, Malta.
Overseas session of CRE in Barcelona, Spain.
Vienna's Christmas Ball: New Year reception of leaders, Vienna, Austria.



History of Windsor
Business visit to Geneva, Switzerland.
Ceremonial reception devoted to celebration in honour of Anna, the daughter of Yaroslav Mudry, the queen of France in the XI century, held in Senlis, Paris, France.
Joint economic action with TPP in the Thames Valley (UK) Windsor debates held in Windsor, UK.
Meeting of the President of the International Congress of the manufacturers and business owners, V.K.Gluhikh, and the General Director of the European Business Assembly, John Netting, with leaders of business, science and culture in Moscow, Russia.


‘Medical Tourism Summit - 2010: Maltese Experience’, SaintJulian’s, Malta The Open European Scientifc Forum. CRE session: European approach, Turin, Italy.
Oxford Summit of Leaders, Oxford, UK.
“The Emperor’s Waltz”. The Christmas meeting and Leaders Club session, Vienna, Austria.



John Netting, the General Director of the European Business
Assembly met G. Berdymuhamedov, the President of Turkmenistan, in Ashkhabad.
Eliz Bendjamin, the Lord Mayor of Oxford, held a summit devoted to new models of management for a modern city. Mayors, heads of administrative regions, city managers and scientists from 27 countries of the world took part.
Leaders business visit to Montreux, Switzerland.


Yearly summing up of the rating of business activity, entitled “Achievements-2012”, was held at the British Institution of Directors, London UK.
Presentation of investment projects held in Dublin, capital of Ireland. Meeting opened by N.Murrey, Lord Mayor of Dublin and businessmen and investors from 24 countries took part in the forum.
John Netting, the General Director of the EBA, went to Islamic Republic of Iran for a working visit. Meetings with spiritual leaders and well known politicians and businessmen of Iran took place.
The autumn Summit of the Leaders was opened by UK Member of European Parliament Derek Clerk. Participants from 32 countries greeted Lord Digby Jones' speech at the summit with a storm of applause.
On Christmas Eve of 2012 a Great knightly ball took place in Vienna in emperor’s Hofburg. The ball was opened by Johan Gabsburg Salvator, a descendant of France Josef, the emperor of Austria.
Vil Goodhair, president of European Rectors Club in one of the best universities of Nigeria named by Afe Babalola opened a scientific symposium on the problems of education.


History of IoD
The traditional London Summit of Leaders took place in the British Institution of Directors, in London, UK. The forum was devoted to the presentation of prospective projects with the aim of investing in them.
The Third International Summit of Leaders of health protection - Swiss Summit of Leaders took place in Montreux, Switzerland.
The Oxford Summit of Rectors has become a highly respected event in science and education. The intellectual programme of the forum: the conferences, debates, round tables discussions and exhibitions were highly praised by attending specialists.


This year’s events calendar was opened by the London Summit of Leaders 'Rapid Urbanization: Economy, Society, Management'.
During the two day event participants discussed the latest industry trends, saw unique presentations from over 50 international presenters and shared experience and best practice.
The Summit recognized industry leaders with prestigious awards and announced the winners of the competition.

Health and Wellness Tourism Summit of Leaders (1-4 July, Stresa, Italy)

Europe Business Assembly Official Reception and Socrates Awards Ceremony (13-15 October)

Europe Business Assembly’s New Year’s Eve Highlights.

The Socrates Awards Night and Reception at Palavicini Palace.
The Silvester New Year’s Ball at the Hofburg - the Austrian emperor’s residence.
(December 29-31, 2014, Vienna, Austria)


Achievements Forum, 21 April 2015, London, UK
The Achievements forum is an interactive platform for international collaboration. The event is attended by businessmen, fnanciers, diplomats, leaders of chambers of commerce, business associations, business and professional unions from more than 60 countries.
During the Achievements forum we will announce winners of prestigious international awards and honour the world’s leading companies and its CEOs for their outstanding successes in business, economy and social progress.
The priorities of the organizers are to direct business partners towards companies with modern management and reliable business reputation for cooperation. The authorities and communities wholeheartedly support the initiatives of EBA award winners aiming to transfer technologies and exchange best economic practices and new knowledge.

Excellence in Quality
EBA Special Session (30 June - 2 July, Montreux, Switzerland)

The Prime Business Destination Forum.
European awards night (12 October, Carlton Intercontinental, Cannes, France)

Prime Business Destinations: Innovative Aspects of the University City Development.
The Summit of Leader, Oxford.
XV Annual Gathering of the Oxford Academic Union
(15 December, Oxford, United Kingdom)



2016 was full of great events.
Achievements Forum (22 March, London, UK) Forum saw attendees from over 40 countries with representatives from embassies, governing bodies, business enterprises and academia.
Prime Business Destinations Forum - Investment, Innovations, Business process improvement (29-30 June, Bad Ems, Germany).
Oxford Business Trainings ‘Investment Management Programme’ (19-21 September, Oxford, UK)
It was a continued educational course for C-level executives and professionals by the Academic Union Training Centre Oxford. The session always gathers a really international community, since participants represented following countries: UAE, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Uganda and Mongolia.
Excellence in Quality and Management Forum.
European Awards Night (7 October, Cannes, France)
The Forum was dedicated to success of the members and partners of EBA. The forum consisted of the presentation panel and European Awards Night Ceremony.
Summit of Leaders (20 December, Oxford, UK)
The main slogan of this year is ‘Investment in Education as Investment in the Future’.


The Best Medical Practice Project (30-31 January, Dubai, UAE)
European Medical Association, Belgium and EBA continue implementation of the joint initiative, as an international professional networking platform for sharing of experiences and best practices in healthcare and medical travel.
Achievement Forum 2017 (28 March, London, UK)
The event provided an authoritative multicultural platform for fresh thinking on CEO`s role in companies achievements and regions development, investing to the progressive regions, territories and businesses.
International Investment Conference ‘Lithuania Is Open for Business’ (15-16 May, Vilnius, Lithuania)
Aiming at introducing members and partners of EBA from 15 countries to the great economic and cultural potential of the European Union country, the event provided an overview of investment possibilities and business immigration opportunities of Lithuania in general.
Excellence in Quality Forum (3 July, Lucerne, Switzerland)
International Conference ‘Excellence in Quality’ gathered together more than 200 regional business, professional and academic elite representatives from 52 countries.
Also there were a number of training sessions.

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