Oxford Debate 'University of the Future'


27 September, 2019

Academic Lounge, Oxford, UK 

The Academic Union, Oxford introduces the exclusive format of the Academic Union Oxford (AUO) events -Oxford Debate 'University of the Future’.

Oxford Debate represents a special partnership and discussion platform for regional leaders and leading experts in national and global education.

The Debate will be held at the Academic Lounge in the center of Oxford and will be live streamed on the official Academic Union channels to be announced to professional audiences from 54 world countries. 


TOPICS FOR DISCUSSIONS will be as follows:

  •  - Does a crisis of classical University models exist on the way from industrial to digital Era?
  •  - Your concept and aims of the University of the Future.
  •  - What will be a business model for universities?
  •  - What will be the university campus of the future?
  •  - What and how will university students study?
  •  - What role do colleges play for continuing education?
  •  - How to engage students to university model development?
  •  - Does college education help develop practical skills and find a job faster? Should the syllabus be changed drastically?
  •  - Does a college have any future without effective online education strategy, mixed education, implementation of digital studies?
  •  - Universities should cooperate, not compete with each other. Are you ready to initiate communications, liaisons, and joint projects with other colleges around the world?


The Debate will be moderated by Dr Rui Verde.

Dr Rui Verde has a PhD in Law (University of Newcastle, UK) and a Doctorate in Humane

Letters (HC-Indian Institute of Mangement, Delhi). Presently, he is Visiting Academic at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford as well Distinguish Professor at the Indian Institute of Management. He is also Director of Executive Programmes in the Academic Union, Oxford. He has proffered during 2018/2019 several talks in conferences

and chaired panels at the Universities of Oxford, London, Birmingham and LSE.Previously, Rui was Vice-Rector, Dean of Law, Vice-President and MBA coordinator in universities in Portugal, Brazil and Angola and a Professor of Law. He also taught in the UK and Kazakhstan.

Rui has authored several books and articles and he is a regular commentator of Deutsche Welle. He is a Member of the Royal African Society and ORCID ID- 0000-0002-9646-5296. 

Your opinion on the University of the Future, the transformations in the field of higher education that you can foresee for your institution and region, on innovations that should be or are already being implemented in your institution, will be of great value for educational sphere professionals!


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