The Director of the European Business Assembly Ivan Savvov will speak at the UN

Discussion of the dangers of fake news and the fight against it in the media is the subject of a report by Europe Business Assembly Director Ivan Savvov at public hearings in the United Nations on February 20, 2020 in Geneva at the Palais des Nations at the initiative of the European Business Assembly.

Fake news over the past decade has become a media phenomenon that is increasingly mentioned by heads of state and international leaders. And with the development of social networks  almost every inhabitant of our planet regularly encounters them.

‘In recent years, the massive dissemination of fake news disguised as news has reached a critical point and deserves serious attention. If we consider news journalism as a kind of journalistic genre, then today we can talk about the existence of ‘fake news parajournalism’, - says Ivan Savvov, director of Europe Business Assembly.

The concept of ‘fake’ combines a number of components of a modern media environment, which includes not only fake texts, but also photos, video and audio recordings. This is about artificially created popular personalities who act as opinion leaders and distributors of fake news, artificial popular projects that are specially promoted with the help of Internet bots, and the same fake accounts that are made using massive “likes” and positive comments able to set the perception and dissemination of fake information and the necessary public opinion.

At the same time, in modern society there is not even a clear definition and delimitation of such concepts as ‘fake news’, ‘false information’, ‘desinformation’. At its core, fake news is stylistically created like real news, but partially or completely false message about current or already occurring events. To combat such fake news, the Europe Business Assembly created the Anti-fake news Investigation Agency (AIA) in April 2019. 

AIA main tasks are:

  •  - Promoting education of the public and journalists about the negative effects of fake news on the formation of society;
  •  - Helping the world community to combat misinformation and fabricated news, messages based on unverified or anonymous sources;
  •  - Protecting victims of fake information attacks and providing an objective and transparent platform for expressing true information.

Why is it important to actively fight against fake news?

According to the director of Europe Business Assembly Ivan Savvov, the problem of fake news and online aggression is very important for society, public figures, business and social media. The toxicity of the media space filled with fake messages can not only scare potential customers and users, but also seriously damage the reputation. Moreover, the more popular the resource is, the more attractive it looks for distributors of false content.

Journalists have already noted that fake news is harmful to both small regional publications and large ones with a worldwide reputation, as a result the users and readers are deceived and in the future they become apathetic to the news.

Posted by Camilla Walker

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