Advertise with Us - E-Commerce Package

Following the main aim of our ‘EBA Global’ Loyalty programme - to be useful to Your Company – we have developed the bridge between your company’s products/services and the audience, the interactive marketing platform called

E-Commerce EXPO.

E-Commerce EXPO is an intelligent combination of digital marketing program and your dedicated marketing services.

The main aim of this interactive platform is to improve and make relationships between brands and consumers easier. 


  • - Your company’s products & services advertising on the digital signage in Oxford

The modern world is going on fast, and advertising is no different. So here in ‘EBA Global’ we propose you to forget about old newspapers ads and signboards – digital signage is the state-of-art way to promote goods and services.
Keeping pace with the times, we would like to present you ‘EBA Global’ new offer – digital signage. The screens are placed in the centre of Oxford and your advertising will be displayed 24/7.
Digital signage is used as a network of electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable for the display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment and merchandising to target audience.


  • - Your company’s products & services advertising in E-commerce EXPO

The information of your services and products will be placed in a special section available for the wide audience that will allow you to benefit from finding the potential partners/investors/consumers: 


  • - Your company's video on our EBA YouTube channel

The official video of your company will be played on our Official EBA YouTube channel during 3/6/12 months (on your choice) to reach as many potential partners and consumers as it's possible. 


  • - Mobile app ‘EBA Global’

The ‘EBA Global’ Loyalty program has established the mobile networking platform to facilitate ‘EBA Global’ Community members with care and privileges of membership, B2B networking and new business connections.
Mobile app ‘EBA Global’ is mobile social network service where you are able to get the latest updates of our events, to find new business partners and investors, to communicate and to chat on the forum and to get timely assistance from our team.

The following QR code is available for Android to download the Mobile app ‘EBA Global’

In order to download the Mobile app ‘EBA Global’ through iOS, please follow the AppStore entering ‘EBA Global. 


  • - Your company advertising in the Socrates Almanac (digital version)

The Socrates Almanac is a fundamental presentation edition of EBA that features successes of the best regional companies and TOP managers as -well as original and promising innovations in science, education, medicine, business, and art. It is registered on EBSCO host, Academic Keys, Scopus and DOI (ID No. in DOI is 109.17739).
It is published once a year and is resented at EBA events and on EBA -web-sites; it is also placed in the Bodleian Library in Oxford.
The Almanac is registered and certified in the United Kingdom (registration number ISSN 2053-4736), issued under the auspices of Europe Business Assembly, the International Socrates Committee and the International Club of Leaders. “Socrates Almanac” is registered in the “CrossRef” and “DOI” systems. It is also presented in EBSCOhost. 


  • - Your company / products / services advertising on the screens in the framework of our events

We guarantee playback of your company’s video during the forums and summits scheduled during the year.
The event calendar can be seen here:  


  • - The information about your company in ‘Leaders Times e-magazine’

The article about your company will be issued in the electronic version in the EBA digital newspaper ‘Leaders Times e-magazine’, where wide audience will be able to learn more about your professional activities as well as achievements. The article will be delivered to more than 3000 subscribers. 


  • - Your company information in the Official Catalogue of Participants of our events

Your company’s brief information will be automatically placed in the Official Catalogue of Participants of each event scheduled during the year.



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