Oxford Debates ‘University of the Future’

Oxford Debates ‘University of the Future’


Date: 27-09-2019

Venue: The Academic Lounge. 2 Woodin’s Way, Oxford


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It’s a unique event format of the Academic Union, Oxford.

Oxford Debates are a special partnerand discussion platform for regional leaders in higher education, key experts in national and global education.

Opinions of speakers and experts on the Future of the university education may coincide or differ, however, they are always interesting to education professionals.


Live stream from the Debates to the offcial AUO channels. Oxford Debates will be announced in 54 world countries.
Participants will get Oxford Debates Expert Certifcates and special honors for achievements in the feld of science, technology, education called “The Name in Science and Education Award ”.
Speaking Notes will be published in the dedicated collection of scholar articles University of the Future’ (ISSN 2053-4736).
Within the session video presentations from participants will be shown on special screens in the heart of Oxford.
Sessions are held in the VIP-format (12 participants only), which emphasizes their status and allows to bring maximum convenience and attention to everyone.

In the Partner’s session every participant will make a brief presentation of his/her education institution and cooperation offers.
During Discussions participants will share opinions about their vision of the university in the future.
They can also tell about their successful cases of innovations in college.
The Protocol part of the meeting will be dedicated to Oxford Debates Expert Certifcates and special honors for achievements in the feld of science, technology and education, called
“The Name in Science and Education Award”.
The Partner’s Dinner and Oxford city tour can enable better networking.

Event Date: September 27, 2019.
Event Venue: The Academic Lounge (2 Woodin’s Way, Oxford, UK).
Deadline for materials submission: before 15 September 2019.
Speaking Notes for publishing: before 30 September 2019.
Publishing of the dedicated collection of scholar articles ‘University of the Future’: the digital version before 25 October 2019, the printed version before 12 December 2019

1. Does a crisis of classical University models exist on the way from industrial to digital Era?
2. Your concept and aims of the University of the Future.
3. What will be a business model for universities?
4. What will be the university campus of the future ?
5. What and how will university students study?
6. What role do colleges play for continuing education?
7. How to engage students to university model development?
8. Does college education help develop practical skills and fnd a job faster? Should the syllabus be changed drastically?
9. Does a college have any future without effective online education strategy, mixed education, implementation of digital studies?
10. Universities should cooperate, not compete with each other. Are you ready to initiate communications, liaisons, and joint projects with other colleges around the world?




Dr Rui Verde has a PhD in Law (University of Newcastle, UK) and a Doctorate in Humane Letters (HC-Indian Institute of Mangement, Delhi). Presently, he is Visiting Academic at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford as well Distinguish Professor at the Indian Institute of Management. He is also Director of Executive Programmes in the Academic Union, Oxford. He has proffered during 2018/2019 several talks in conferences and chaired panels at the Universities of Oxford, London, Birmingham and LSE.Previously, Rui was Vice-Rector, Dean of Law, Vice-President and MBA coordinator in universities in Portugal, Brazil and Angola and a Professor of Law. He also taught in the UK and Kazakhstan.
Rui has authored several books and articles and he is a regular commentator of Deutsche Welle. He is a Member of the Royal African Society and ORCID ID- 0000-0002-9646-5296.



10:00 - 12:00 Oxford tour.
Meeting Point: Macdonald Randolph Hotel (Beaumont St, Oxford OX1 2LN, UK)

14:00 - 14:15 Registration, coffee

14:15 - 15:05 Partner session (Participants’ presentations)

15:05 - 16:05 Discussion session p.1

16:05 - 16:10 Break

16:10 - 17:30 Discussion session p.2

17:30 - 18:00 Q&A.Summing up. Presentation of the Oxford Debates Expert Certifcates

20:00 Presentation of the Academic Union member’s attributes


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Oxford Debate 'Medical Education Molds the Future of Medicine’

Oxford Debate 'Medical Education Molds the Future of Medicine’


Date: 27-09-2019

Venue: The Academic Lounge. 2 Woodin’s Way, Oxford


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An exclusive format of events in the Academic Union, Oxford. The event is held under the aegis of the European Medical Association. It is a special networking and discussion platform, where regional healthcare leaders, trendsetters, key experts on medical education, scientists, doctors, innovative healthcare facility managers search for ways to improve medical education.

Medical education is undergoing a real seismic shift due to digital technology and the complexity of technical progress in the medical sphere for future healthcare practitioners.Telemedicine, analytics, artifcial intelligence, and chatbots are changing the quality of medical aid. Educational institutions must keep up with the times, introducing innovations and foreseeing changes.

At the same time, the training of a highly qualifed medical specialist is a long and costly process, and it is important to provide graduates with successful employment and continuous professional development. Debate participants will share their opinions on how to meet the needs of medical specialists of the next decades, on innovative approaches to medical education and educational management. The participants will consider the model of a FUTURE-READY DOCTOR for the modern clinics and cooperation opportunities between innovative clinics and colleges of medicine.

The opinions of speakers and experts on the future and potential challenges in medical education may coincide or differ, but they are always extremely interesting for medical sphere professionals.



The Debates will be live streamed on the offcial channel of the Academic Union, Oxford and will be announced to professional audiences in 54 countries.
Participants receive the Oxford Debate Expert Certifcate and special honors for achievements in the feld of science, technology, education named ‘The Name in Science and Education Award’.
Speaking Notes will be published in the dedicated collection of scholarly articles University of the Future” (ISSN 2053-4736).
Video presentation from participants will be shown on special screens in the center of Oxford.
The sessions are held in the VIP format (12 participants only) which emphasizes the status of participants and allows maximum convenience and attention to everyone.


Partner Session: every participant will give a brief presentation of his/her educational institution, clinic, and proposals on cooperation.
Discussions: participants will share their opinions on medical education of the future and present their innovations and experiences from educational institutions.
The Protocol part of the meeting will be devoted to awarding participants with the Oxford Debates Expert Certifcate and special honors for achievements in the feld of science, technology, education called ‘The Name in Science and Education Award’.
For effective networking, the Partner’s Dinner and an Oxford city tour are planned.


Date of the event: September 27, 2019.
The venue: The Academic Lounge (2 Woodin’s Way, Oxford, UK).
The deadline for presentation materials submission: 15 September 2019.
The deadline for submission of Speaking Notes: 30 September 2019.
The publication of the dedicated collection of the scholarly articles ‘University of the Future’: prior to 25 October 2019 – online version, prior to 12 December 2019 – printed version.

Discussions: Part 1
1. What to do to promote Medicine as an attractive and sustainable profession?
2. Is it possible to make any predictions about the future of medical education for the coming decades, taking into account experience, achievements and current trends?
3. Is there a gap between the training of doctors and the future needs of healthcare? What changes in medical education should be done to create the college of medicine of the future?
4. In the era of globalization educational institutions should cooperate, not compete. Are you ready for initiative contacts, all-around partnership and joint projects with other universities all over the world?

Discussions: Part 2
1. Students need to study hard and long to get the right for treating people. Is there any problem with student’s motivation? What are effective recipes to improve motivation to study?
2. Is the statement that “Everything begins from the right selection of medical students” right? In your opinion, what is an effective system of an admission of applicants to medical schools?
3. According to a popular belief when training medical specialists, less attention should be paid to the basic subjects and more to ethics, communication skills and psychology in order to successfully influence patients and their families. Should the training of future doctors be aimed at meeting the multi-faceted needs of the patient, and not only of the medical science?
4. Can patient involvement be the future of medical education? Will patient evaluation help the medical students’ practice form a perfect doctor?
5. How to ensure the effectiveness of graduate employment? Can the factor of such effciency become the main indicator of the quality of higher professional education?
6. The evolution of continuing medical education.


Discussions: Part 3
1. Are global informatization and robotic medicine a challenge for a traditional college of medicine?
2. What medical professions will be the most in demand in the future? What new medical professions do you foresee? How to prepare for changes and keep up with the times?
3. The role and effective implementation of simulation training in medical education.
4. Successful cases of distance learning technologies implementation at the college of medicine.
5. Accelerated medical education programmes reduce the cost of education and solve the issue of doctors’ shortage, BUT does this method provides students with all the experience they need to achieve professional success?
6. The advantage of creating educational and medical centres or clusters. Successful cooperation model examples between innovative clinics and medical educational institutions.
7. How to completely implement educational management programmes at medical colleges?
8. Is it possible to effectively combine personal medical practice with clinic management?


President of the European Medical Association, Honorary President of the Academic Union, Oxford, UK.
Dr. Costigliola graduated in Medicine from the University of Naples and in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care from the University of Pisa. He also attended post-graduate studies in Rheumatology, Dermatology, Proctology, Oncology, Surgery, Drugs Abuse, Emergency Treatment, Disaster Action, Hospital Organization, Medical Teaching Methodology and Computer, Audio-Visual Training for the Medical Profession.
His professional experience ranges from senior military positions as Chief of Medical Services in the Italian Navy for a number of years, the responsibility of the outpatients’ clinic of the Shape Hospital in Belgium and family practice in Italy and Belgium.
Present position: Family Practice, c/o Centre Medicis - Brussels.
Medical Advisor: W.E.U. (Western European Union); NATO Bruxelles Italian embassy, consulate, and representative to EU Membership of professional bodies: President of E.M.A. (European Medical Association); President of E.D.A. (European Depression Association); Member of Editorial Advisory Board of ‘Psychiatry in primary care journal’; Member of the Steering Committee Health First Europe; Stakeholder Nutrition & Health 2020; Extensive experience in health informatics programs. Teaching experience.
Speeches and publications at the national and international conferences: Dr. Costigliola has extensive experience in clinical trials and healthcare in Europe. He is the speaker of the Belgian Parliament and the European Parliament on medical tourism.


09:00 - 09:15 Registration, coffee break

09:15 - 10:00 Partner session

10:00 - 11:00 Discussions: Part 1

11:00 - 11:05 Break

11:05 - 12:00 Discussions: Part 2

12:00 - 13:00 Discussions: Part 3 

Q&A. Summing up. Presentation of the Oxford Debates Expert Certifcates

14:00 - 17:00 Oxford city tour with a visit to The Turf Tavern, the Oxford’s oldest tavern, the favorite resting place of Bill Clinton, Indira Gandhi and other famous world personalities who studied in Oxford.

19:00 - 21:00 Partner’s Dinner



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European Awards Night - Excellence in Quality and Management Forum Cannes

European Awards Night - Excellence in Quality and Management Forum Cannes


Date: 4 October 2019

Venue: Intercontinental Carlton Cannes, France


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World famous festivals capital Cannes will become a stage to honour excellence and successes
in politics, business, science, healthcare and culture.


The world-renowned city of Cannes, a jewel of the Côte d’Azur, never disappoints its visitors. It is on a par with its reputation: chic, dazzling, and magnificent like its festivals and great events. It can also be surprising in the simple authenticity of its neighbourhoods and bustling markets, and the evereffervescent yachting wharves. The sandy beaches and establishments along La Croisette contemplate one of the most splendid natural heritage sites of the French Riviera: The Isles of Lérins.

European Awards Night will celebrate the best companies and personalities for their outstanding achievements in international relations, economics, politics, science and social life. Regional leaders and prominent institutions are invited to this celebratory event.

Success Stories Day joins business, science and education leaders from around the globe for an unparalleled live knowledge and information sharing experience for professional and personal enrichment.

During morning coffee, lunch and the gala dinner the attendees will be able to exchange ideas, create connections, and ask the VIP guest any questions of their interest. It’s an easy way to see a potential business network at a glance, and to foster future collaborations.




09:00–10:00 Registration.


Intercontinental Carlton Hotel, Grand Salon


10:00 – 10:15 Official opening.

Keynote addresses from forum’s organizers, partners, official guests and diplomats.


10:15–13:00 Morning Session Success Stories 

Moderator: John Netting, Europe Business Assembly
Director General, UK.

The event’s aim is to promote and support national businesses who have achieved great success in the growth of their company alongside the implementation of best practice in the fields of business, international relations, science, healthcare and city management. Excellence in Quality and Management discussion is an interactive platform where participant regional leaders in quality can showcase the latest trends in quality management and their recipe for perfection.

The Business Triumph platform will let award winners and participants share their own achievements, experience and ideas on how to become a true business leader and how to win. The Best Regional Enterprise platform is dedicated to presentation of prominent national companies in different activity spheres including economy and business, healthcare and education.


13:00-14:00 Lunch and networking.


14:00-16:00 Award winners Interviews session with journalists of The Leaders Times Magazine

Interview session is open to all participants and guests


16.00-18.00 Networking (on preliminary appointment).

Intercontinental Carlton Hotel business centre.




  Intercontinental Carlton Hotel, Grand Salon

19:00–20:00 Welcome – cocktail session presented by the official partner for award winners and their guests.

Red carpet photo session of Award winners and VIP guests. 

Each awardee will have a personal dedicated photo session on the stage in the fabulous Grand Salon of Intercontinental Carlton Hotel.
Legendary, historic, associated with romance, celebrities and glamour, the InterContinental Carlton Cannes has traversed the ages and earned its status as a unique and authentic haven that values its memory and its soul.

Photo shooting by Christian Roy.

Video session and networking opportunities.

Presentation of the Unique English gift book ‘Awards in Masterpieces of Timeless Art’, a monumental work with no analogues in the world.


20:00–23:00 European awards night. Honouringregional leaders in business, science, healthcare and city management with prestigious international awards.

Master of Ceremonies: Peter Tompson, graduate of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters Ltd., and a Fellow of the National Association of Toastmasters Gala dinner, traditional musical entertainment Head Chef: Laurent Bune Chief Sommelier: Daniel Canton 

Special invited musical guest: Jazz Quartet of Jean Jacques Gobet All participants and guests can take photographs and video at the event.

Language of the ceremony is English.

Dress code: Men - business suit, dinner jacket or tail coat.

Women - evening/cocktail dress.




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International Conference ‘Best Medical Practice’

International Conference ‘Best Medical Practice’


Date: 06-10 November 2019

Venue: Hotel complex Crown Plaza, 4*, Limassol, the Republic of Cyprus


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For heads of medical centres, clinics and recreational institutions, leading specialists in academic and complementary medicine, heads and teachers of medical universities, the general public interested in the problems of rehabilitation and new technologies in areas related to healthcare

Date: 6-7 November 2019 – Conference; 9-10 November – Health and Beauty Forum

Organizers:  European Medical Association (Belgium),

International Association of Health Practice Specialists (Russia),

Europe Business Assembly (Great Britain),

Academic Union Oxford (AUO, Great Britain)

Publishing house ‘Vestnik Kipra’ – organizer of the ‘Health & Beauty’ forum


Cyprus is the pearl in the crown of islands of the Mediterranean Sea, which combines unique natural and historical sights, mild climate and wonderful health improvement opportunities. It is not for nothing that, according to the legend, the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite is located here, and the island has long been famous for being the land of love, beauty and longevity.

The conference includes:

  • - Presentation of innovations and medical research results, recommended for international partnership by the EMA experts, carrying out of master classes on best practices in the field of health improvement
  • - The exclusive events format of the Academic Union Oxford - Visiting Oxford Debate “The Future of Medicine”: an open discussion on the main trends in the development of medicine and medical education, as well as on the ethics, philosophy, psychology of medicine
  • - Getting to know the richest potential of Cyprus as one of the world priority areas for the development of medical tourism. Presentation of leading medical and recreational centres of Cyprus, government and public organizations working in the field of medical tourism
  • - The session of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project: ‘EMA – New names’, which includes the procedure for admission of new members to the European Medical Association
  • - The reception ceremony by the Organizing Committee
  • - Visit to the largest Health & Beauty Forum. This international forum, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is a unique demonstration platform for physicians, health experts, manufacturers of beauty and health products, it is visited annually by at least three thousand Cypriots and island guests
  • - Special master classes from leading medical specialists – EBA experts
  • - Excursion tour of Cyprus


Special event 

Visiting Oxford Debate

‘The Future of Medicine: education, ethics, philosophy’


The exclusive format of the Academic Union Oxford events in the framework of the International Conference of the project ‘Best Medical Practice’. A special partnership and discussion platform for finding ways to improve healthcare and medical education for regional leaders in the specialized services market, reformers and iconic experts - managers of medical education, scientists, doctors, heads of innovative medical institutions.

Today, when the picture of the world is constantly changing, areas such as medicine, recovery, and prevention, which are so important for human life, are also changing. The brightest minds of mankind are working to expand the boundaries of our physical and mental capabilities and improve the quality of life of modern person. Nowadays, innovations that seemed fantastic several decades ago, have become possible but diseases seem to strive to deceive a person and mutate, becoming harder to cure.

Preventive medicine and the associated ‘health philosophy’ are becoming increasingly relevant. For many years, a healthy lifestyle has remained a fashionable trend in the entire civilized world. In this regard we should expect the development of the spiritual component of health and merging of efforts of both traditional and alternative medicine in the nearest future. The opinions of speakers and experts about the future and potential challenges in medicine and in medical education may coincide or differ, but they are always extremely interesting for professionals. 

Advantages of Participants

  • - The debate will take place in presence of an interested audience.
  • - Participants receive expert certificates from the Oxford Debate.
  • - Abstracts are published in the special collection ‘Best Medical Practice’ (ISSN 2053-4736).
  • - All participants of Debate will have the opportunity to be interviewed by the ‘Vestnik Kipra’, the largest Russian-language publication in the Republic of Cyprus, to present themselves at the conference, to take part in specialized workshops on topics of interest.
  • - The number of speakers in the Visiting Oxford Debate is limited (up to 6 people), that gives everybody enough time to speak in the discussion session.



- President of EMA (European Medical Association)

- Member of Academic Union (AU, Oxford)

- President of E.D.A. (European Depression Association)

- Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of ‘Psychiatry in primary care journal’

- Member of Steering Committee Health First Europe.

- Stakeholder of Nutrition & Health 2020

- Speaker of the Belgian Parliament and the European Parliament on medical tourism. 

Medical consultant:

  • - E.U. (Western European Union),
  • - NATO, Brussels
  • - Embassy, ​​Consulate and Representation of Italy in the EU




Europe Business Assembly (UK) and European Medical Association (Belgium) continue joint implementation of the popular project ‘Best Medical Practice’.


Following tasks are implemented within the project: 

  • Development of medical tourism as a priority direction for international cooperation.
  • Identification of territories and cities with high potential in the field of healthcare and medical tourism.
  • Presentations of the best regional clinics for the implementation of cooperation projects.
  • Attracting investments to the health sector and medical tourism.
  • Support and popularization of innovative projects in the field of medicine.
  • Professional platform for experience exchanging.
  • Identification of the best regional medical service providers, suppliers of medical equipment, professionals in the field of diseases treatment, wellness and SPA, researchers in the field of medicine, experts in the field of medical tourism.
  • Improving the professional skills of project participants (carrying out of specialized seminars, supporting expert programmes).
  • Organization of systematic work for participation in prestigious specialized world-famous forums and exhibitions.
  • Comprehensive study of medical services, technologies and practices.
  • Implementation of European standards in the work of healthcare institutions and medical tourism operators. 

The tenth anniversary of the Health & Beauty Forum will be held at cruise terminals of the new port of Limassol. 

This is the largest specialized forum in Cyprus. Guests of the event will be able to familiarize themselves with the latest trends in aesthetics, healthy nutrition and fitness; projects and a huge assortment of high-quality goods and services. Forum visitors are awaited by more than 100 participating companies and can visit more than 80 seminars and presentations. 

Also among the bonuses for event participants there is valuable information about new products, technologies and opportunities from the most competent professionals in Cyprus. Talk with doctors, representatives of medical and aesthetic clinics, manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics, hair and nail care products, make-up, nutritional supplements and superfood, goods for children; free procedures and testers, as well as discounts, vouchers and special offers from all exhibitors; exciting shows, presentations, contests, award ceremonies throughout the Forum. 

The national partner of the conference Publishing House ‘Vestnik Kipra’ is the organizer of the forum. 

Note: each of the conference participants will be able to give a lecture or a master class at the forum at no extra charge

Posted by Lada Litvinova


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Health&Beauty. The conference of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project on Cyprus

Health&Beauty. The conference of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project on Cyprus


Date: 7-9 November 2019

Venue: Limassol, Cyprus


Register your interest to the event 

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Cyprus is a unique Mediterranean island, where the azure sea, the warm climate and the southern nature riot are waiting for you the year round. According to legend, Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty. Partly this is why the island attracts tourists, who are looking for youth, unfading beauty and health, from all over the world. For several decades in a row, Cyprus has been one of the internationally recognized centers for medical tourism, including premium class. Conference participants will be able to get acquainted with the unique healing possibilities of Cyprian nature and with the experience of local recreational centers, conclude cooperation agreements.

The visit to the Forum and the Health&Beauty exhibition – the largest event at Cyprus dedicated to beauty and health – is the zest of the event. More than 200 exhibitors will take part in the forum, more than 50 lectures, seminars and master classes on health issues will be given, more than three thousand visitors will take part in it. The conference delegates will have an opportunity to participate in the exhibition and give a master class or a presentation of their achievements on the widest and most active Cyprian international cooperation platform.

Following the results of work in 2019, a unique edition ‘Best Medical Practice’ will be published; it will be dedicated to innovative medical solutions and personal achievements of the participants of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project. The edition will also include press releases and photographs of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ sessions of the outgoing year.


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Summit of Leaders – 2019 'Leaders who Define Future, Future that Defines Leaders'

Summit of Leaders – 2019 'Leaders who Define Future, Future that Defines Leaders'


Date: 17 December 2019

Venue: Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, UK


Register your interest to the event 

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 Get all details on your email


An effective event platform that unites leaders of regional elites and company owners; innovators who design future business processes from 30 countries of the world.

The Summit is live broadcasted on the official EBA channel and is announced to a professional audience from 60 countries.

PLENARY SESSION with Keynote Speeches by Authoritative Speakers and Honourable Guests 

• DISCUSSION OXFORD DEBATE - thematic platforms (4+) for discussion of current trends in business, science and education, medicine, economic and social development of regions.
- University of the future.
- Medicine of the future? Now.
- Social role of business in society.
- How to make a city comfortable for life, desirable for tourists and attractive for investors.

• PRESENTATIONAL SESSIONS ‘Partnership. Leadership. Prospects’.
Presentations of investment prospects, leadership and communications, identification and promotion of the best practices and projects. Speeches of heads of regional companies, holdings, educational and scientific organizations, clinics and hospitals.
Sessions will be an excellent opportunity not only to effectively present your company or institution, but also to expand your network of business contacts with colleagues.
This is a chance to find business partners, investors, contractors, suppliers and customers in the most promising and dynamically developing countries of the world.
- Best companies of Europe: traditions, quality, reliability.
- Best companies of Asia: creativity, innovation, technology.
- Best companies of Africa: prospects, dynamics, competitiveness.
- Best companies of America: partnerships, investments, strategies.
- Best companies of the Middle East: foresight, stability, reputation.

We proudly present the key ceremonial event of the year - the Socrates Awards Ceremony - awarding of successful personalities in the fields of science,

economics, medicine, culture and the public sector.
Once a year, at the world-famous Oxford Summit of Leaders, the main prize in business, scientific and creative circles is awarded.

• SPECIAL PHOTO SESSION FOR AWARD WINNERS from the exclusive British edition ‘World Awards in the Masterpieces of Timeless Art’ on the Red Carpet (guest photographer - Mr. Martin Phelps).

• PARADE OF RECTORS AND HONORARY PROFESSORS at the Oxford Town Hall - a procession of Members of the Academic Union, Honorary Professors and Rectors in their academic gown.

• LAUNCHING OF THE ART PROJECT EBA ‘OXFORD THROUGH THE EYES OF MODERN ARTISTS’ and the EBA Luxury Lifestyle Collaboration programme charity auction.

• THE SOUNDS OF THE ANTIQUE ORGAN OF THE OXFORD TOWN HALL, the inspired crystal voice of the opera soloist Kieran Rayner, a show of trumpeters and pipers.

• SPECIAL EVENT - THE FOUNDING MEETING OF THE EBA WHISKEY CLUB - will be held by its President Alan Myatt, world record holder and one of the most beloved thematic characters in the UK, member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers, who set two Guinness World Records.



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