Oxford Debate: ‘University of the Future’

Oxford Debate: ‘University of the Future’


Date: 22 May 2019

Venue: The Academic Lounge, Oxford, UK


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‘Oxford Debate’
Special partnership and discussion platform for fresh thinking and experience exchange.

The event is accompanied by live broadcast on the official channel of the Academic Union, Oxford.

Apply for attendance using the above registration form or contact your coordinator to submit your application for participation.


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‘Best Medical Practice’ project Special session 'Medical tourism and health improvement: In Focus Georgia’

‘Best Medical Practice’ project Special session 'Medical tourism and health improvement: In Focus Georgia’


Date: 2-5 June 2019

Venue: Courtyard by Marriott Tbilisi Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia


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The Sun of Georgia. The conference of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project: Medical tourism. In focus Georgia. 


For chief managers of medical centers, clinics and recreational facilities, pharmacists and medical tourism specialists


  • - Europe Business Assembly (Great Britain)
  • European Medical Association (Belgium)
  • International Association of Health Practice Specialists (Russia)
  • Cardiological Clinic "GULI" (Georgia) - General Partner 

The session agenda includes the presentation of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project, the official reception of participants by the EMA President, getting acquainted with the best practices and innovative methods of work of leading medical centers of Georgia, as well as with the unique recreational opportunities of Georgian nature. Presentation of phytocomponents and signing of cooperation agreements with the largest phytotherapeutic network in Ukraine – Green Planet LLC, which operates under the auspices of the homonymous All-Ukrainian Environmental Protection Society. Procedure of admission of new members to the ranks of European Medical Association. Master classes of the best health-improving practice specialists from around the world.


Draft programme 

02 June 2019 / Day 1

19:00–20:00 - Meeting of participants in the hotel hall. Welcome-Cocktail, acquaintance party

03 June 2019 / Day 2

Special session programme.
Official reception of delegates by the EMA President

9:30 – 10:00 - Registration of participants

10:00 – 14-00Opening of the conference. Welcome speech of Dr Vincenzo Costigliola, the President of EMA and the general partner of the Conference – Head of the Cardiological clinic "Guli"  prof., MD  Anzor Melia

Case 1. Presentation of the European Medical Association and the 'Best medical Practice' project and its possibilities in the field of medical tourism. Speaker – Dr. Vincenzo Kostigliola

Case 2. 'Best Medical Practice' project recommends

Presentation of capabilities and pharmacological properties of phytocomponents of All-Ukrainian Environmental Protection Society ‘Green Planet’; the signing of cooperation agreements. Speaker – Natalia Zemna, President of All-Ukrainian society ‘Green Planet’

 Case 3. Innovative Management in medical partnership

Presentations of leading medical centers and clinics

 Case 4. European Medical Association: New names

Presentation of achievements and innovative researches of medicine practitioners. Procedure of admission of new members to the ranks of European Medical Association.

14-00 – 15-00 - Lunch

15-00 – 17-00 - A visit to one of the leading medical centers of Georgia – Cardiological Clinic "GULI". Getting acquainted with its work, press-conference of CEO of Clinic - prof. Anzor Melia.

Cardiological Clinic "GULI" is the innovative heart center, equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, with its own hospital, where the most difficult cardiological operations are performed. Guests will be able to get acquainted with the  work methods of the doctors, as well as with the organization of its activity and innovative management used in the clinic

19-00 – 22-00 - The official reception of participants and guests of the event by the EMA leadership and the organizing committee of the forum. Presentation of prestigious European honours to leading companies. Official photo session.

04 June / Day 3

10-00 – 13-30 - Health and Beauty Section. Master classes of doctors and leading experts in the field of health-improving practices, herbal medicine, body clearance and rejuvenescence. Moderators and co-operators: International Association of Health Practice Specialists prof., MD Ganna Zhukova and president of the Association of Manual Therapy Dr. Nicolai Nasicovsky

14-00 – 15-00 - Lunch

15-00 – 18-00 - Bus-walking tour 'Secrets of Old Tbilisi'. Discover the sights of the Georgian capital.

18-00 - 21-00 - Summing up and closing of the conference. Visit to the restaurant of local cuisine.

05 June / Additional day (optionally)

9-00 - 18-00 - Excursion KAKHETI, THE BIRTHPLACE OF WINE AND HOSPITALITY.                                                    


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Public Hearing: 'CSR as a priority of Regional business transformation: Multiplicity of CSR advantages to work on long-term perspective'

Public Hearing: 'CSR as a priority of Regional business transformation: Multiplicity of CSR advantages to work on long-term perspective'


Date: 28 June 2019

Venue: Palace of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland


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The initiative of Europe Business Assembly as an organization with special consultative status in Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) under the United Nations.

Coming EBA’s initiative is aimed to engage regional business structures in the dialogue on questions regarding corporate responsibility, support the UN sustainable development goals and programmes, as well as other international arrangements.

Frequently, regional companies do not have enough information to realize the essence of ‘sustainability’ concept and significance of sustainable development for business, in other words, the full scope of advantages and opportunities which organization can receive from it.

Company’s executives lack the knowledge about driving forces, problems and tools for involvement in relevant matters. There is critical necessity to develop total terminology base, common language that will allow to discuss freely the issues of sustainability at the business sector level and determine how the organization has succeeded in solving the related problems.

Move in the direction of sustainable development makes the CSR role the main strategic function of the enterprise. 

On the outcomes of past years’ work and the results achieved today, it may be concluded that more and more corporations are integrating CSR programmes in their current business model that allows them to implement the principles of social responsibility and at the same time receive economic benefits.

Such activities have a positive impact on the company’s image and reputation, give it certain competitive advantages, the ability to attract and retain the best specialists, build effective relationships with partners, media, government and society.

Europe Business Assembly invites owners and executives of leading regional companies to join the Public Hearing in order not only to discuss how to put corporate social responsibility policies into practice but also to demonstrate regional leaders’ achievements in this area. 

Topics for discussion:

  • • Government and business role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Integration of the SDGs into government policies, programmes and corporate strategies.
    • Information openness and corporate transparency as a necessary element of doing business in the modern world;
    • Global trends in the development of CSR: key directions;
    • CSR regional aspects;
    • CSR as a main tool to increase the company’s attractiveness for investors and consumers;
    • CSR as part of business strategy and corporate culture;
    • Measuring companies’ ethical and social responsibility;
    • CSR as part of PR, marketing and corporate communications;
    • How to broadcast the company's CSR values in the information area;
    • Examples of best regional practices in the field of CSR.

The official reception in honour of known Maecenas and Companies is also planned for the evening pastime.

Palace of Nations, one of the most active centres for multilateral diplomacy in the world, is waiting for EBA’s Public Hearing and wide-ranging discussion - Adopting the CSR policy which reflects public interests.


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Achievements Forum 2019 Milan. ‘Turning Achievements into Recognition’

Achievements Forum 2019 Milan. ‘Turning Achievements into Recognition’


Date: 2 July 2019

Venue: The Westin Palace, Milan, Italy


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Offering a unique blend of ideas and inspiration, the Achievements Forum focuses on the issues most relevant to today’s open-minded businesspeople, stimulating new thinking and motivating action, whilst also offering a great opportunity for high-level networking.

The special emphasis of the event will be on achievements in the fashion industry, creative approach and models of excellence. Acclaimed national leaders in the fashion industry will gather to debate, share and learn from each other for business improvement, positive social transformation and regional progress.

Key participants are CEOs and seniors, business leaders, investors, top experts on quality and strategic management, and leading healthcare service providers.

The majestic, luxury atmosphere of the elegant Westin Palace Milan gives an excellent opportunity to combine business networking and VIP relaxation. Participation in this high-level event will give you an opportunity to meet with the regional business elite, and find new partners and customers. 



  • Identification and promotion of the best regional companies and institutions and their leaders because of their effective professional activity, contribution to the development of national economics, business, culture, science and education, medicine and healthcare;
  • Stimulation of competitiveness and expansion of international contacts of participants;
  • Demonstration of successful cases of the introduction of modern technologies, innovations and equipment;
  • Assurance of the availability of European professional development programmes for company executives and professionals from dynamically developing regions;
  • Creation of an international register of leading regional companies and organizations ‘TOP-100. Achievements-2019’, the register of best regional managers;
  • Encouragement of charity and patronage;
  • The popularization of regional brands in the media. 



10:00–10:30 Registration

Morning coffee / tea

10:30–11:00 Official Opening & Welcome Addresses

- Prof. John Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly, UK

- Christina Briggs, Global Club of Leaders President, UK

- Welcome addresses from VIP Forum Partners


11:00–13:00 Morning session


Moderator: John Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly, UK

Case studies: regional leaders’ achievements

  • Entering new markets and business expansion.
  • Importance of quality management.
  • Role of corporate social responsibility projects.
  • Brand promotion and positioning.
  • Effective team management and motivation.
  • Leadership and personality.

Discussion / Q&A

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Break and networking                                                    

14:00-16:00 Presentation session

The TOP-100 Achievements Register 2019 is a recognition of impeccable reputation.

Moderator: Christina Briggs, Global Club of Leaders President, UK

Sharing best practices of successful business owners, fashion and beauty industry leaders, healthcare providers.

Presentations from award-winners and the TOP-100 Achievements 2019 Register participants in the following categories:

  • Fashion, apparel and accessories.
  • Beauty and healthcare.
  • Design and architecture.

16:00–17:00 Forum Official Partners’ interview for e-Magazine ‘The Leaders’ Times

Dress code: Business dress

19:00–20:00 Welcome Cocktail and Official Photo Session

Fashion show from winners of the Achievements award in fashion and apparel sphere

20:00–23:00 Award Ceremony ‘Turning Achievements into Recognition’.

Honouring regional leaders in business, science, healthcare and city management with

EBA’s prestigious awards. The Award Ceremony will acknowledge the best organizations, companies and personalities for their outstanding achievements in international

relations, economy, politics, science and social life. Regional leaders and prominent

institutions are invited to this celebratory event. Gala dinner, traditional musical

entertainment, photo/video session and networking opportunities.

The language of the ceremony is English.

Dress code: Men - business dress, dinner jacket or tail coat,

women - evening/cocktail dress.


All participants and guests can take photographs and video the event.


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Health&Beauty. The conference of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project on Cyprus

Health&Beauty. The conference of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project on Cyprus


Date: 7-9 November 2019

Venue: Limassol, Cyprus


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Cyprus is a unique Mediterranean island, where the azure sea, the warm climate and the southern nature riot are waiting for you the year round. According to legend, Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty. Partly this is why the island attracts tourists, who are looking for youth, unfading beauty and health, from all over the world. For several decades in a row, Cyprus has been one of the internationally recognized centers for medical tourism, including premium class. Conference participants will be able to get acquainted with the unique healing possibilities of Cyprian nature and with the experience of local recreational centers, conclude cooperation agreements.

The visit to the Forum and the Health&Beauty exhibition – the largest event at Cyprus dedicated to beauty and health – is the zest of the event. More than 200 exhibitors will take part in the forum, more than 50 lectures, seminars and master classes on health issues will be given, more than three thousand visitors will take part in it. The conference delegates will have an opportunity to participate in the exhibition and give a master class or a presentation of their achievements on the widest and most active Cyprian international cooperation platform.

Following the results of work in 2019, a unique edition ‘Best Medical Practice’ will be published; it will be dedicated to innovative medical solutions and personal achievements of the participants of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project. The edition will also include press releases and photographs of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ sessions of the outgoing year.


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Summit of Leaders – 2019 ‘Mastery. Innovation. Partnership.’

Summit of Leaders – 2019 ‘Mastery. Innovation. Partnership.’


Date: 17 December 2019

Venue: Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, UK


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Held in miraculous scenery of ancient Oxford in Holliday Season, the Summit of Leaders – 2019 will traditionally gather the Europe Business Assembly, Global Club of Leaders and Academic Union, Oxford honourable representatives, as well as guest participants – business and academic elite form all over the world.

This year summit will focus on the innovative trends in business, education, city management and healthcare, efficient skill acquisition tools, roles and responsibilities of leaders in the modern world.

Heads of leading regional enterprises will benefit from meeting with like-minded persons, top executives, business gurus from across the globe at Plenary and Working sessions. Grounded in, and attracting high profile delegates from the real world of business, the Summit of Leaders has been being a key driver in the development of practical and commercial exchanges and partnerships for 17 years.

Previously launched ‘Oxford Debate’ platform will not stand aside. 2019 is declared the Year of Knowledge and Proficiency, so summit will provide educational experts and executives with the excellent opportunity to communicate and talk about how the educational world has to be modified and move forward.

Gorgeous and memorable Socrates Award Ceremony to the sound of the oldest Oxford’s organ will conclude the afternoon programme, and rest assured that will be a night to remember.

Europe Business Assembly Committee will be pleased and highly appreciative to meet old friends, members and partners, and admit new guests to EBA’s community.

Let’s summarize the year with success!


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Europe Business Assembly

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