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The Grand Parade of Rectors and Honorary Professors of Academic Union


The Summit of Leaders, Oxford 

Traditionally under the initiative of Europe Business Assembly the Summit of Leaders 2019, Oxford will witness the participation of a wide group of decision makers, education leaders, scientists, and representatives of academic institutions, universities and specialized companies from more than 50 countries around the world. The Summit of Leaders 2019 will discuss the latest developments and emerging trends on integrating education, business and science sectors, in addition to highlighting the best practices and cutting-edge tools in the field of learning management. 

This year’s Summit will be enriched by the ‘Grand Parade of Rectors and Honorary Professors of Academic Union, Oxford’ becoming a significant part of the Night Gala Ceremony. Academic Union Members, Honourable Professors, and Rectors are invited to the Grand Parade in their Academic dresses to present the uniqueness and diversity of our attendees.


Public hearing ‘Practical implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals’

Europe Business Assembly, as an institution with ECOSOC Special Consultative Status encourages its members to support and promote UN Sustainable Development Goals in business practices, and involves  regional business, science, education and healthcare elite in the dialogue on the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other international agreements and programmes in the field of sustainable development.

With this aim EBA initiates the public hearing  ‘Practical implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals’ taking place on 20 February 2020 in the Palace of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.

The Anti-fake news Investigation Agency, a powerful antidote to fake news

The so-called “fake news” has become a powerful tool for spreading false information around the world, and thousands of people become victims of fake attacks on these days.

The Anti-fake news Investigation Agency (AIA), based in Oxford, was created under the auspices of the Europe Business Assembly (EBA) to promote the education of general public and the journalist community about negative effects of fake news and to protect the victims of disinformation.

The Members of the Anti-fake news Investigation Agency believe that the only judge of what is true or false is the general public, and civil society institutions can provide a powerful antidote to disinformation allowing victims to stand their ground and have their opinion heard.

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Coming soon

The Editorial Board is working on the new brilliant project ‘Outstanding personalities of modern times’ (Laureates of EBA. 2000-2020).

The issue is planned to be released in April 2020 and presented at London Summit of Leaders (IoD, Pall Mall 116, London, UK).

We selected best candidates, prepared hundreds of success stories of leader’s global community. For more

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The Director of the European Business Assembly Ivan Savvov will speak at the UN

Discussion of the dangers of fake news and the fight against it in the media is the subject of a report by Europe Business Assembly Director Ivan Savvov at public hearings in the United Nations on February 20, 2020 in Geneva at the Palais des Nations at the initiative of the European Business Assembly.

Fake news over the past decade has become a media phenomenon that is increasingly mentioned by heads of state and international leaders. And with the development of social networks  almost every inhabitant of our planet regularly encounters them.

‘In recent years, the massive dissemination of fake news disguised as news has reached a critical point and deserves serious attention. If we consider news journalism as a kind of journalistic genre, then today we can talk about the existence of ‘fake news parajournalism’, - says Ivan Savvov, director of Europe Business Assembly.

The concept of ‘fake’ combines a number of components of a modern media environment, which includes not only fake texts, but also photos, video and audio recordings. This is about artificially created popular personalities who act as opinion leaders and distributors of fake news, artificial popular projects that are specially promoted with the help of Internet bots, and the same fake accounts that are made using massive “likes” and positive comments able to set the perception and dissemination of fake information and the necessary public opinion.

At the same time, in modern society there is not even a clear definition and delimitation of such concepts as ‘fake news’, ‘false information’, ‘desinformation’. At its core, fake news is stylistically created like real news, but partially or completely false message about current or already occurring events. To combat such fake news, the Europe Business Assembly created the Anti-fake news Investigation Agency (AIA) in April 2019. 

AIA main tasks are:

  •  - Promoting education of the public and journalists about the negative effects of fake news on the formation of society;
  •  - Helping the world community to combat misinformation and fabricated news, messages based on unverified or anonymous sources;
  •  - Protecting victims of fake information attacks and providing an objective and transparent platform for expressing true information.

Why is it important to actively fight against fake news?

According to the director of Europe Business Assembly Ivan Savvov, the problem of fake news and online aggression is very important for society, public figures, business and social media. The toxicity of the media space filled with fake messages can not only scare potential customers and users, but also seriously damage the reputation. Moreover, the more popular the resource is, the more attractive it looks for distributors of false content.

Journalists have already noted that fake news is harmful to both small regional publications and large ones with a worldwide reputation, as a result the users and readers are deceived and in the future they become apathetic to the news.

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The contest ‘University Book of the Year – 2019’

The Organizing Committee of Summit of Leaders – 2019 ‘Leaders who Define Future, Future that Defines Leaders’ (17 December 2019, Oxford, UK) will hold the Express exhibition ‘Science & Education’ and the contest ‘University Book of the Year - 2019’. 

The winners are decided by members of the expert group of the Academic Union, as well as participants in Summit of Leaders – 2019: top managers of the educational sphere, rectors, professors and university teachers in following nominations:
- The best study guide, monograph.
- The best scientific periodical.
- The best encyclopaedic edition. 

The agenda of the Express exhibition includes presentations of the contestants’ editions and the presentation of diplomas to the winners. 

We invite the universities of Asia, Africa and South America. 

Don’t miss the chance to present your University book to science community!


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The Academic Union of Oxford recommends a new book about Brexit

The Academic Union of Oxford is pleased to announce that Dr. Rui Verde, the Director of Executive Programmes in the Academic Union, Oxford, Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford and Distinguished Professor of the Indian Management Institute-Research in Delhi released a new book ‘Brexit. O triunfo do caos?’ [Brexit. The triumph of chaos]

The new actual book is both a historical-descriptive and theoretical-interpretative text on the present situation of Great Britain and the European Union, striving for a more politically flexible and economically freer Europe.

The book will soon be available for sale! You can also pre-order the book at the Academic Union!

Europe Business Assembly Featured in World Media

Amazing news for all Europe Business Assembly members and partners: several national media throughout the world have featured some key press releases about the organization's multiple activities with arranging and holding executive business and academic conferences and business networking events.

The Asian-based media from Malaysia wrote about the Oxford Debate initiative. While East-African radio expanded on the globally known Summits of Leaders in Oxford, that Europe Business Assembly has been providing for almost 20 years. 

The Indian edition released about the public activities related to EBA's Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC. 

Appreciated positive media attention to the passion and professional efforts that Europe Business Assembly has been steadily investing in global business and academic collaborations since 2000.


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