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The Academic Union of Oxford recommends a new book about Brexit

The Academic Union of Oxford is pleased to announce that Dr. Rui Verde, the Director of Executive Programmes in the Academic Union, Oxford, Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford and Distinguished Professor of the Indian Management Institute-Research in Delhi released a new book ‘Brexit. O triunfo do caos?’ [Brexit. The triumph of chaos]

The new actual book is both a historical-descriptive and theoretical-interpretative text on the present situation of Great Britain and the European Union, striving for a more politically flexible and economically freer Europe.

The book will soon be available for sale! You can also pre-order the book at the Academic Union!

Europe Business Assembly Featured in World Media

Amazing news for all Europe Business Assembly members and partners: several national media throughout the world have featured some key press releases about the organization's multiple activities with arranging and holding executive business and academic conferences and business networking events.

The Asian-based media from Malaysia wrote about the Oxford Debate initiative. While East-African radio expanded on the globally known Summits of Leaders in Oxford, that Europe Business Assembly has been providing for almost 20 years. 

The Indian edition released about the public activities related to EBA's Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC. 

Appreciated positive media attention to the passion and professional efforts that Europe Business Assembly has been steadily investing in global business and academic collaborations since 2000.


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EBA agenda 2020

Europe Business Assembly is pleased to announce that our agenda for 2020 is confirmed.

EBA flagship events in coming year will include:

Public hearing ‘Practical implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals’ in Palace of Nations, Geneva.

London Achievements Forum in Institute of Directors and Oxford Debates EBA luxury style presentation in world fashion center Milan Best medical practice session and European Awards night in European Union capital Brussels Oxford Summit of Leaders in Oxford Town hall.

We welcome our members and partners to join our events in 2020

EBA Whisky Club

‘Summit of Leaders’ has become the traditional grand-scale annual gathering of regional business and academic elite from 64 countries as well as honourable members and partners of the Academic Union, Oxford and the Club of Rectors of Europe. It provides the multicultural platform between business, science, education, R&D, local governments and municipalities - all leaders of social institutions that pursue the positive social transformation nationally and globally.

This year Summit of Leaders extensive programme includes the founding meeting of the elite EBA Whisky Club (18 December).
We are glad to invite you to this exclusive high class event aimed to join the regional business elite, informal communication with potential partners and familiarity with centuries-old customs associated with this legendary drink.

You are welcomed to enter this exclusive community and discover ancient English traditions associated with this noble drink and become part of British and European elites.

Chairman – President of EBA Whiskey Club Mr Alan Myatt, world record holder and one of the most beloved thematic characters in the UK, member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers, who set two Guinness World.

Mr Alan Myatt will deep you into the atmosphere of the real British pub with more than 4 hundred years history and taste the 18 years luxury whiskey, specially distilled under EBA brand name.


The Best Medical Practice Conference in Limassol (Republic of Cyprus)

The Best Medical Practice Conference in Limassol (Republic of Cyprus) gathered friends and like-minded people who other help people to be healthy. Doctors and healers from the countries from Europe and Asia presented their innovative methods and original recipes for health, beauty, and longevity. The most important result of the conference was mutual understanding between representatives of different countries and professional areas and their sincere readiness to continue cooperation.

The programme includes the admission of new members to the EMA, master classes, presentations, reports, visits to specialized medical centers, meeting with Mr. Agios Athanasios, Mayor Marinos Kiriaku, Limassol, a ceremonial reception of participants by the organizing committee of the forum, during which the President of the EMA, Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola and Director of EBA Savvov Ivan presented the highest European Awards to the best representatives of the healthcare sector.

We congratulate wonderful specialists - Nataliia Zemna, Rostislav Zhelyaskov, Mykola Yakovchuk, Irada Hajiyeva, Natalia Fir, Anatoly Dorovskikh, Diana Tsai with reception of high awards! We sincerely thank the participants and co-organizers of the conference - IASC President Ganna Zhukova and Natalia Kardash, editor-in-chief of the ‘Vestik Cyprus’. Many thanks to all involved - the contribution of each of them made this event unique and bright.

Final Debate of 2019 in Oxford

The Academic Union of Oxford continues the Debate series.

On December, 17 the Oxford Town Hall will host thematic platforms (4+) for discussion of current trends in business, science and education, medicine, economic and social development of regions.

Section 1. How do you see the University of the Future?

Section 2. Medicine of the Future? Now!

Section 3. Social role of business in society

Section 4. How to make the city comfortable for life, desirable for tourists and attractive for investors

Presentation of certificates and grateful diplomas are provided for the debates’ speakers.

The sessions are moderated by Dr Rui Verde PhD, Director of Executive Programmes in the Academic Union, Oxford and Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola, President of the European Medical Association, Brussels, Belgium.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Academic Union:

How can we identify fake information?

The Academic Lounge of the Europe Business Assembly where the high-level specialists hold professional trainings, debates and open hearings


In the modern world it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish true facts from false information. However, it is the duty of every person to constantly work on a culture of information consumption.

If you follow simple recommendations and precautions, you can identify fake information:

  1. Check the source. The article should indicate the sources of information. You shouldn’t trust "anonymous sources", "inner circle" and "former employees who wished to remain anonymous."
  2. Check the dates, geographical positions and other news related to the described situation. If a lot of inconsistencies are presented it means that the article contains hardly any true information.
  3. Do not judge an article by title. Frequently the title information does not match the text.

The specialists of the Anti-fake news Investigation Agency launching by the Europe Business Assembly (EBA) are always ready to help you in fighting against fake information.  

Any additional questions? Please contact us using the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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European Awards Night: Excellence in Quality and Management Forum 4 October, 2019, Cannes, France

Excellence in Quality & Management Forum in Cannes, France has proven to be a valuable and effective gathering of corporate leaders and organizations from all over the world. With its prestigious location on the Boulevard de la Croisette, the luxurious hotel which blends the charms of yesteryear with upscale, modern amenities InterContinental Carlton hosted the most prominent personalities as well as the best companies from different countries in order to get them together at Excellence in Quality and Management Forum arranged by Summit of Leaders, Academic Union, Oxford, Europe Business Assembly, in conjunction with ‘EBA Global’ Loyalty Programme on 4 October in Cannes, France.

The special appreciation Organizing Committee would like to express to the Forum Partners:

  • - Przedsiebiorstwo Budownictwa Ogolnego Dach Bud Sp.z o.o., Poland;
  • - National Hotel Angue Ondo, Equatorial Guinea.

Quality networking, opinions and practices sharing as well as well-deserved recognition of the outstanding companies in an array of modern industries made the Forum meaningful and memorable for participants and organizers. Success in business, social achievements and first-class lifestyle standards are the inevitable and pleasant components for advanced businesses and institutions on their way to national and global industry leadership. This year Forum working session was enriched by the presentations of municipalities with high touristic 4 October 2019. Intercontinental Carlton Cannes, France Excellence in Quality and Management Forum European Awards Night and investment attractiveness level: Municipality of Vranjačka Banja, Serbia; Municipality of Argos-Mycenae, Greece; Municipality of Belsh, Albania; Cal Municipality. European Awards Night was just a benchmark and the upscale networking function where outstanding personalities and corporations could celebrate their triumph with peers against the luxury background of Côte d’Azur, the world-famous destination for celebrities, chick and Cannes film festival. The Organizing Committee expresses gratitude to all the participants for their attendance at Excellence in Quality and Management Forum!

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