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The Academic Union continues the tradition of The Oxford Debate

The Academic Union continues the tradition of The Oxford Debate – professional discussion about the prospects for the development of education in the 21st century with the participation of regional educational leaders from all continents.

The purpose of the Oxford Debate is to accumulate, preserve and popularize different points of view on the future of education, innovative experience, and to promote cooperation between educational institutions worldwide.

The Debates reaches a targeted audience in 54 countries via broadcast on the Academic Union official YouTube and Facebook platforms. Speaking Notes from Debate participants will be printed in the scientific collection 'University of the Future’ (ISSN 2053-4736).

The Debates will be held on 25 June 2021 based on the specially created online platform ( traditional debates venue is Council Chamber of Oxford Town Hall).

The Oxford Debate programme consists of the sections: ‘University of the future’ and ‘Pandemic lessons. on the way to the education of the future’.

The event will be live broadcasted 

- the official YouTube channel 

- the official Facebook page of the Academic Union 

- online platform Achievements 

Brief event agenda and speakers: 

Will meet on June, 25

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