Testimonials: SMB-GRADNJA, D.O.O.Subotica, Serbia

Dear Mr. Netting,

Allow me to express my gratitude, in my own name and on behalf of our collective, for the honor that you have chosen "SMB-Gradnja" as one of the most successful companies in 2016. It is indeed a great privilege to be among the selected winners, and especially to become a member of such eminent organization as the European Business Assembly is.

The award "Best Enterprise" represents a recognition of our work, bur also a great commitment to continue our business with the upward trend. The presence of a great number of leaders, from all over the world, testimonies the importance of this awards and the good work of the organization that you represent. The award ceremony can be described in one word - magnificent. I would like to commend the organization and the selection of the ambient because everything was at the highest level. I would also like to commend the working part of the Forum, as well as the opportunity to present our company in front of such a great number of prominent businessmen. The very purpose of the forum that is the networking of participants was completely fulfilled. Entrepreneurs that we have met will open new, international markets and encourage us to invest even greater efforts in order to expand the frontiers of our business.

Regarding future events organized by Europe Business Assembly, we will be truly honored to once again show up and to a greater extent enrich the list of our partners and future investors.

Once again I would like to express my gratitude for choosing "SMB-Gradnja" as the winner of the award "Best Enterprise", and to commend the entire organization of the forum. It was indeed an honor to be in such eminent company.

Until our next seeing, we want you to continue the successful work and all the best.

Predrag Petričević
General Director
SMB-Gradnja d.o.o. Subotica

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