‘EBA GLOBAL’ is proud to introduce Prof. Dr. Od Phongsavanh, Founder and CEO of Phongsavanh Group, as EBA Business Ambassador in Lao PDR.

EBA Business Ambassador Institution has been established to jointly implement international collaboration and initiatives with lead national business players, aiming at investment attraction to the region and strengthening of professional liaisons in Lao PDR and globally.

The Phongsavanh Group, a 100% privately owned corporation, a regional leader in integrated businesses, is currently a well-established company with assured stability that has been playing a significant role in Lao PDR’s socio-economic growth and cross-border business expansion in the ASEAN economic community.

Phongsavanh Group was established in 1977 by Prof. Dr. Od Phongsavanh. Prof. Dr. Od Phongsavanh, a progressive entrepreneur who started his business with the export of processed forest products and import of consumer goods in Savannakhet Province. The company later expanded into a plethora of businesses as telecommunications, construction, trading, banking and financial services, mineral mining, oil and petroleum products, car cleaning and maintenance, convenience stores, fleet or cash cards, aviation, franchises, logistics, and insurance. At present the group has more than 20 subsidiaries with over 2,000 staff in Lao PDR. Since 1995 the Phongsavanh Group has been a foremost provider of integrated services that meet the needs of Lao people in all aspects of their lives. The Group carefully and cordially serves clients as if they are family members and persistently strive to enhance their quality of life.

Since its inception, the Phongsavanh Group has been growing step-wise.
• 1977 - Prof. Dr. Od Phongsavanh started Timber business, The Phongsavanh Wood Industry Co.,Ltd
• 1995 - Est. Phongsavanh Telecom Co., Ltd
• 1997 - Est. Phongsavanh Construction(PAC) Co.,Ltd
• 2001 - Expanded businesses the Khouanchay Trading Import-Export Co.,Ltd
• 2007 - Set up the first privately owned bank, Phongsavanh Bank
               Est.Vientiane Mineral Mining Co., Ltd
• 2008 - Est. petroleum Trading Lao Public Company Limited (PTL)
• 2009 - Started Lao Central Airlines business
• 2011 - Est. Sitthi Inter Trading Import-Export Co., Ltd
               Started franchise business Black Canyon Coffee and Moly Care
• 2012 - Est. Lao Daily Mart Import-Export Co., Ltd
• 2013 - Est. Well Tech Lao Co.Ltd. and Sitthi Logistics Lao Co.,Ltd
• 2015 - Est. Sitthi Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd
               Established APA Insurance Co.,Ltd
• Currently Phongsavanh Group expands its business cooperation and investment in Kunming, the capital of Yunman province, China, as part of preparations for regional and international integration.


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