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Who are the SPEAKERS? Georgia, Tbilisi, June 2-6, 2019

We are glad to present the speakers of the conference of the European Medical Association ‘Sun of Georgia’ in Tbilisi (June 2-6, 2019).

Among the speakers are:

Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola, President of the European Medical Association (Belgium), speaker of the Parliament of Belgium and the European Parliament regarding medical tourism





MD, Professor Anzor Melia, Head of the Cardiological Clinic ‘Guli’ – the country's leading cardiological and diagnostics center, a pioneer of private medicine in Georgia


MD, Prof. G.M. Zhukova, President of the International Association of Health Practice Specialists, a leading yoga therapist in the post-Soviet states






Mimoza Kankia (MD, MPH Associate Professor of Medicine), leading specialist in gastroenterology, Head of Group of Medical center ‘Vivamed’, Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University





Nataliia Zemna (Ukraine), President of the All-Ukrainian Society ‘Green Planet’ – a leading herbalist, head of the most global and top-rated herbalist shops network in Eastern Europe






Dr. Levan Gogichaishvili – a leading surgeon and gynaecological oncologist of HELSICORE Clinic, a Georgian-Israeli Medical Center






Irakli Vardzukashvili, a leading specialist in the field of spinal surgery






Ekaterine Dolmazashvili MD, MPH, PhD, a leading specialist of Georgian French Joint Hepatology Clinic ‘HEPA’






N.S. Nasikovsky, doctor of folk medicine, president of the Ukrainian Association of Manual Therapy






Also among the participants are the best doctors and wellness regimen experts from 12 countries. 

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