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‘Oxford Debate’ Discussion platform: ‘University of the Future’

‘Oxford Debate’
Special partnership and discussion platform for fresh thinking and experience exchange


The one-day session will be accompanied by LIVE BROADCAST on the official channel of the Academic Union, Oxford.

Discussion topics:
• Is there a crisis of classical university models when passing from industrialism to the information age?
• Does the university have a future without an effective online learning strategy, blended learning and introduction of e-learning?
• The idea and purpose of the future university.
• What will universities’ business model be?
• How do you see the university campus of the future?
• Does giving students practical skills help them find work faster? Is it necessary to utterly change the educational programme?
• Universities should cooperate, not compete. Are you ready for initiative contacts, all-round partnership and joint projects with other higher education institutions all over the world?

It may become the meeting within your competence!

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