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Open Hearings of the Anti-fake news Investigation Agency (AIA) in December

Summit of Leaders, 18-19 December 2018. Oxford, UK

We invite you to participate in the Open Hearings with the Expert Committee of the Anti-fake news Investigation Agency (AIA), which will take place at AIA headquarters in Oxford, UK on December, 18.

The event will be the part of the Oxford Summit of Leaders 2019 ‘Leaders who Define Future, Future that Defines Leaders’ (December, 17-18) organized by Europe Business Assembly (EBA) and the Academic Union of Oxford.

Any person whose reputation or business has suffered from misinforming publications in the media or social networks can apply for an impartial and independent investigation to the Agency.  During the hearing, the Expert Committee will consider the real cases of fake attacks, through the analysis of publications, articles and other forms of misinformation. Each case will be treated separately and impartially

The hearing will be broadcast online on the official channel of the Europe Business Assembly (EBA).

For all requests about participation we kindly ask you to contact us until the 1st of October, using the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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