Europe Business Assembly initiates Public Hearing ‘Practical implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals’


Palace of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

20 February, 2020 

This New 2020 Year promises to be very eventful and Europe Business Assembly (Oxford, UK) – the international community of business, economy and science leaders, an institution having special consultative status in Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) under the United Nations starts it with the Public Hearing ‘Practical implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals’ in the very heart of the United Nations – the Palace of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. 

Europe Business Assembly encourages the regional business, science, education and healthcare elite to support and promote UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and involves them in the dialogue on the implementation of said goals, other international agreements, and programmes in the field of sustainable development.

During the meeting, there will be the opportunity to discuss how to integrate SDG policy into your current business model, how to combine the principles of SDGs and economic benefits, as well as demonstrate achievements in this area.

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