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EBA Whisky Club

‘Summit of Leaders’ has become the traditional grand-scale annual gathering of regional business and academic elite from 64 countries as well as honourable members and partners of the Academic Union, Oxford and the Club of Rectors of Europe. It provides the multicultural platform between business, science, education, R&D, local governments and municipalities - all leaders of social institutions that pursue the positive social transformation nationally and globally.

This year Summit of Leaders extensive programme includes the founding meeting of the elite EBA Whisky Club (18 December).
We are glad to invite you to this exclusive high class event aimed to join the regional business elite, informal communication with potential partners and familiarity with centuries-old customs associated with this legendary drink.

You are welcomed to enter this exclusive community and discover ancient English traditions associated with this noble drink and become part of British and European elites.

Chairman – President of EBA Whiskey Club Mr Alan Myatt, world record holder and one of the most beloved thematic characters in the UK, member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers, who set two Guinness World.

Mr Alan Myatt will deep you into the atmosphere of the real British pub with more than 4 hundred years history and taste the 18 years luxury whiskey, specially distilled under EBA brand name.


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