EBA Business Ambassador goes to Poland

EBA Business Ambassador to Poland will be presented by Mrs.ANNA KOLISZ – President of the Board and Managing Director of ANKOL. 

A resourceful woman, outstanding business personality and creator of the ANKOL brand. 

Anna Kolisz manages ANKOL - a commercial company in the aviation industry, which she established in 1991 with the mission of creating a strong and profitable brand. Passionate about work and self-improvement, she gracefully matches vast experience and business intuition. She is responsible for ANKOL's dynamic development, position and reputation. 

Under her creative and innovative leadership, ANKOL fulfills international contracts for supply of goods, services and new technologies for military and civil aviation. Anna Kolisz's management style lies in line with the maxim "through quality to the goal". She employs a modern approach to business, competent leadership and ensures observance of the principles of law and ethics. 

Her pro-quality policy along with continuous raising of standards in all areas of management, allows ANKOL to effectively fulfill international contracts and to respond to the growing demand of modern markets. Under her management, the company is associated with modernity, reliability and credibility, and the ANKOL trademark is recognized and valued. 

As the President of ANKOL, she promotes positive business models and influences the transformation of the Polish economy on the global market through her entrepreneurial activity.

Anna Kolisz is a laureate of many prestigious international awards and accolades in the areas of business, economics, leadership, quality, innovation and management. 

She is also a judge in the Chapter of the International Jury in London, evaluating entrepreneurs applying for prizes in the European Business Awards competition, under the patronage of HSBC.

As an Ambassador of Women Entrepreneurship in Poland, she supports women's professional development and activity. She is a role-model for fulfilling one's own dreams and passions with simultaneous achieving of success in business. Bold in decision making, responsible towards contractors and employees. In her activities, she goes beyond the sphere of business by engaging in projects for self-fulfillment and professional development of women, as well as a number of pro-social projects. She is a co-author of business guides. 

As an advocate of continuous self-improvement, innovation and search for new opportunities for development, she willingly shares her experience and knowledge. In both - business and life - she acts in line with the principle "follow your passion and success will follow you". 

The Official inauguration is scheduled on the 2nd of July in Milan, Italy as the Ceremonial Part of the Milan Achievements Forum 2019.  

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