Dr. Mohammad Salem Omaid, President and Chief Executive Officer, Azizi Bank, is going to represent investment attractiveness of Afghanistan on the international level as EBA Business Ambassador to Afghanistan.

EBA Business Ambassador Institution combines international diplomacy, efficient partnership alliance, investment and innovation solutions, education and science, culture and art. It will facilitate developing of international projects on the national arena and territory branding and   promotion globally. 

Born in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan in 1983, Dr. Omaid always dreamt of creating a niche of himself. Over the years, he developed himself as a strategist with excellence in formulating, developing & implementing business plans and policies to ensure attainment of business goals and profitable sell-though.

Raised by a well-educated family of doctors, Dr. Omaid graduated from Afghanistan and went on to complete his postgraduation in Banking & Finance from Pakistan & India. Later, he also completed his thesis on Business Administration and Financial Management and obtained the PHD from one of the premier institution in India.

A result oriented proficient starting his professional journey with Azizi Bank in 2006 as a Finance Officer and successfully ascending the steps to become the President and CEO. In his career span of more than 13 years, Dr. Omaid handled diverse roles having rich & extensive experience in Finance & Accounting, Corporate Accounts Trade Finance, Corporate Credit Financing, Operational Banking, Investment Banking and Retail Banking. Initiated several measures, Bank Products, Technological products aimed at promoting the bank and its objectives.

Over the years, Dr. Omaid developed himself as a leader with strategic thinking and business acumen and the capacity to make decisions which is result driven.

Dr. Omaid’s contribution towards refining the banking structure in the country earned him appreciations & accolades not only from the Govt. & Public body within the country but also from the international agencies worldwide. He has been the founding pillar in ensuring Azizi Bank reaches the top of the helm and considered as the most preferred bank in the country. Today he is the leader of one of the top bank in the country, internationally recognized for its digital innovation and strong corporate governance.

Dr. Omaid’s experience and knowledge for a sustainable growth earned him several international accreditations and he is also the only afghan conferred with the honorary professorship of Academics, Oxford. He is also the Chairman of the Afghanistan Banking Association and the Banking Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce, Afghanistan chapter in addition to being the Member of the Europe Business Assembly, UK and the World Confederation of Businesses, USA.

A visionary leader and a highly respected citizen in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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