Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Public Hearing Palace of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland 28 June, 2019

On 28th of July 2018 at the Palace of Nations, Geneva, the Public Hearing dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was successfully held under the initiative of Europe Business Assembly and ‘EBA Global’ Loyalty Programme. 

The initiative of the European Business Assembly was aimed at involving regional business in the dialogue on corporate responsibility and promoting the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, other international agreements and programs in the field of sustainable development.

Often, regional companies lack information on the basis of which they will be able to make decisions and realize the essence of the concept of ‘sustainability’ and the whole importance of sustainable development for business, the advantages and the opportunities that a company can receive.

Managers do not have enough knowledge about the driving forces, about the problems and about the tools to participate in solving the relevant issues.

It is necessary to develop a common terminology base, a common language that will allow free discussion of issues of sustainability at the business level and an understanding of how to determine how the organization has succeeded in solving relevant problems.

The movement towards sustainable development highlights the important role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a strategic function of an enterprise.

According to the results of past years and the results achieved today, it can be concluded that more and more companies and corporations are integrating CSR programs into their current business, which allows them to simultaneously implement the principles of social responsibility and receive economic benefits.

Such activities positively affect the image and reputation of the company, gives it a certain competitive advantage, the ability to attract and retain the best specialists, build effective relationships with partners, the media, government agencies and society.

Europe Business Assembly as institution with ECOSOC Special Consultative Status invited its members to join public hearings in order not only to discuss how to implement corporate social responsibility policies in practice, but also to demonstrate the achievements of regional leaders in this field.

Discussion topics were as follows:

  • - Government and business role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Integration of the SDGs into government policies, programmes and corporate strategies.
  • - Information openness and corporate transparency as a necessary element of doing business in the modern world;
  • - Global trends in the development of CSR: key directions;
  • - CSR regional aspects;
  • - CSR as a main tool to increase the company’s attractiveness for investors and consumers;
  • - CSR as part of business strategy and corporate culture;
  • - Measuring companies’ ethical and social responsibility;
  • - CSR as part of PR, marketing and corporate communications;
  • - How to broadcast the company's CSR values in the information area;
  • - Examples of best regional practices in the field of CSR.

We highly appreciate all the participants of this Hearing for their position at Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issue and for their active participation.


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