Achievements Forum-2019: Presentation of rare gift book ‘World Awards in Masterpieces of Timeless Art’

There is less and less time before the forthcoming gathering of advanced TOP executives, business gurus, senior state officials and academic professionals – ‘Achievements Forum 2019’. 

The announcement of winners of ‘TOP-100 Companies’ Register in declared nominations, dynamic Working session, Award ceremony and Gala dinner – it’s not all we can surprise! 

Indeed exclusive edition - rare English gift book ‘World Awards in Masterpieces of Timeless Art’ will be presented for the first time at the forum.

It is a creation of a monumental work with no analogues in the world! The publication does not only provide information about the unique prizes of European royal courts, aristocratic clubs, knightly orders and individual religious denominations but also presents pictorial, sculptural and photographic works from well-known treasuries of world culture. 

The edition acquaints the reader with the story behind and the creation of awards, their influence on the fate of the prizemen themselves, and the development of founding states and the world community.

12 April 2019, 116 Pall Mall, London, UK – chance to see it, hold it and WIN it! Try your luck and become part of the lottery. Maybe exactly you will be the winner and get it!


P.S. Furthermore, the edition gives unique information about EBA awards, one of which, ‘For preservation and philanthropy’ will be also presented to your attention on that day.


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