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The Europe Business Assembly (EBA) is an international corporation of social partnership established on 4th April 2000 in Oxford, UK. Its main objectives are to develop and promote social and economic links between companies, investors, education establishments, cities and countries worldwide. EBA’s vision is to create a stronger interlinked community of academics and business that will continuously be providing positive contributions to education, science, business and arts in creating a well-educated, socially protected and scientifically advanced society in the 21st century. This is implemented by a community of leading international experts through a vast number of global initiatives and projects. EBA’s main projects are,

• The Summit of Leaders – an international forum on education, medical and health tourism and urbanisation established in 2004. Since then, the event has taken place in London, Oxford, Dublin, Montreux, Barcelona, Stresa, Valletta and other cities. There have been over 6000 attendees of the forum so far.

• The Prime Business Destinations – a specialised multi-level city development and promotion programme. In addition, the programme promotes leader companies via EBA Quality Standard Certification

• The Socrates Almanac – a multi-disciplinary academic journal, listed on numerous academic databases published in Oxford

• The Academic Union – an international academic community of over 150 university chancellors and academics from all continents which promotes advancement of education and scientists worldwide

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This year EBA celebrated the 15 year anniversary of the formation and it was clear to see its continued growth and success.
The first event of the year was the Achievements Forum dedicated to the presentation of Prime Business Destinations emerging cities. The cities gave presentations to investment potential in their respective regions as well as their plans for the future. Memorandums of cooperation between EBA and 12 cities were signed.
The year was full of many other events in the framework of the Prime business destinations programme hosted in Switzerland, Cannes, Jordan and Oxford. Participants from more than 60 countries presented more than 120 investment and innovative projects.
The Academic Union initiated and co-organised remarkable events including visiting session ‘University of the Future; University Cities and Health Tourism ‘ at the Near East University. Also in March, Dr. Costigliola became the Honourary President of the Academic Union, Oxford.

On December 15th the Academic Lounge of Europe Business Assembly was opened by Lord Digby Jones, member of the House of Lords, UK. 

During Summit of Leaders in Oxford, the AU international incentive Smart Education Platform was presented. It will be launched in 2016 with the author programme ‘Global Business for an Efficient Manager’.
The traditional Summit of Leaders and Socrates ceremony culminated the year.




• The events calendar was opened by the London Summit of Leaders 'Rapid Urbanization: Economy, Society, Management'.

• In October, at the Oxford Summit of Leaders, the memorandum of incorporation of the Academic Union was signed by over 70 University chancellors and academics.

• The Prime Business Destinations programmes was also launched to promote cities as attractive investment destinations, presented by EBA’s Director of International Relations, Ivan Savvov.



• As part of the initiative to support sport, EBA became a sponsor of St. Hilda’s College Ladies rowing team. Sir Richard Needham and Sir John Banham attended the London Summit. Sir Richard Needham’s ambition has always been to stand up for business in both Parliament and politics. From 1985- 1992, Richard Needham was the minister responsible for redesigning and rebuilding Ireland’s shattered towns and cities, and in 1992 he was promoted to Minister of Trade and became Michael Heseltime’s Deputy. Sir John Banham DL is Britain’s most successful business leader, Knighted for his services to British business in the 1992 New Year’s Honours List. 




• The “Achievements-2012” forum was held at the British Institution of Directors, London UK

• Dublin, the capital of Ireland was host to a multitude of business and investment project presentations. The meeting was opened by N.Murrey, Lord Mayor of Dublin. Businessmen and investors from 24 countries took part in the forum. The autumn Summit of the Leaders was opened by the UK Member of European Parliament, Derek Clerk.

• Knowledge is the currency of the 21st century’ – Lord Digby Jones first spoke at the Oxford Summit of Leaders on the future of world economy. Lord Digby Jones is the former minister of State for UK Trade and Investment. He was knighted in 2005 for his services to business and in 2007 he was appointed Minister of State for UK Trade and Investment taking the title, Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham Kt.



• Elise Benjamin, the Lord Mayor of Oxford, held a summit devoted to new models of management for modern cities. Mayors, heads of administration, city managers and scientists from 27 countries took part.

• A Summit of Leaders business trip took place in Montreux, Switzerland


• ‘Medical Tourism Summit - 2010: Maltese Experience’, Saint-Julian’s, Malta

• The Open European Scientific Forum. CRE session: European approach, Turin, Italy.

• Oxford Summit of Leaders, Oxford, UK.

• “The Emperor’s Waltz”. The Christmas meeting and Leaders Club session, Vienna, Austria.


• Joint economic action with the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, UK; and EBA hosted the Winsor debates. 


• This year marked the beginning of the Annual New Year’s and Christmas ball in Vienna, Austria. Further events concerning education and business in Barcelona, Malta, Jordan and the UK also took place. 





• Oxford Summit of Leaders of world business, science and arts, Oxford, UK.

• Meeting of business leaders, Geneva, Switzerland.

• Economic mission of EBA held in Akaba and Amman in Jordan.

• International scientific conference “EuroEducation 2007”, Barcelona, Spain.



• The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group and EBA launched a joint project – the ‘International Club of Leaders’ – to support cooperation between the British and international businessmen. Paul Briggs became the president of the International Club of Leaders. The International Club of Rectors was also formed. 


• International conference 'EuroEducation 2005' was held in Oxford, UK.

• International business meeting “Investing East Europe”, held in London, UK.


• In December the first Summit of Leaders took place at the Institute of Directors in London bringing together businessmen to discuss issues of international cooperation. 2004 also marks the beginning of the annual Oxford gathering at the Town Hall.


• Economic forums held in Belgorod, Russia; Damascus, Syria; and Antwerp, Belgium. 



• First Euromarket Forum held in Brussels, Belgium. First international Meeting was held in Valletta and Malta 


• EBA hosted its first conferences in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Neiredhaza, Hungary and Odessa, Ukraine. 




• Foundation of EBA with the signing of the memorandum of cooperation and joint support with EMRC (Belgium), ICIE (Russia), The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and many other influential international organisations. 



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