About us

About us

The Europe Business Assembly (EBA) is an independent corporation of economic, social and humanitarian collaboration. EBA was established in Oxford in 2000 and works in accordance with English law. Its headquarters are based in Oxford.

Our company is a world leading event company. During our 17 year history, over 120 world-class conferences have been successfully organized. Over 8,000 companies from 50 countries worldwide have participated in our summits. In our history we have not received a single official complaint from any of our clients.

Our professional team consists of representatives from many international countries.  

Europe Business Assembly

Head Office Tel: +44 (o) 1865 251 122
Fax: +44 (o) 1865 251 113
Email: director@ebaoxford.co.uk

Socrates Nomination Committee

Executive Secretary
Anna Gorobets
Tel: +44 7852160605
Email: agorobets@ebaoxford.co.uk
Email: agorobets@socratesawards.co.uk

The Socrates Almanac Editorial

Tel: +44 1865251122
Email: almanac@ebaoxford.co.uk
Email: s.almanac@ebaoxford.co.uk 

Investment Promotion Programme

Programme Coordinator:
Marina Sandulyak
Tel: +44 7513887395
E-mail: pbd@ebaoxford.co.uk

EBA Global

VIP Programme Coordinator
Anastasia Mallwill
Tel: +44 7597707593
E-mail: inter@ebaoxford.co.uk

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