PR-SUPPORT: A refreshing pomegranate juice that is never enough!

999999999GCL slogan ‘We build a world of successful people!’ Sweet taste of success without image support quickly turns into sour vinegar.

We know how to improve your reputation! We introduce you to the circle of the same worthy people from all over the world. With the regularity of sunrise we tell our planet about your dignity and professional achievements.


Publishing Package

 • Publication of presentation and scientific articles in international edition ‘Socrates Almanac’ (in soft and hard copy): 1/2 page colour presentation article; Socrates Almanac special edition
• Online newspaper the ‘Leaders Times’ (placement of articles of GCL members);
• Placement of commercial offers of GCL members on special site ‘E-commerce EXPO’, in mobile application ‘EBA Global’.
• Organization of direct live broadcasts from GCL events, advertising during broadcasts;
• Placement of advertising on special screens in the shop-windows of OAU training centers in Oxford, as well as on special screens during trainings and events of GCL in different countries of the world;
• Development of models of uniforms and attributes (ties, handkerchiefs, pens, T-shirts, briefcases, lighters, etc.) for GCL members.

Promo Package on events

• Announcement by the EMCEE with brief profile of the company during the award presentation;
• 30 seconds video (provided by VIP participant) showing on the screen during conference breaks award presentation;
• Personal photo session;
• Video shooting of your presentation/speech;
• 1 journalist accreditation;
• Company logo/brand name displayed on conference signage, programme, catalogue, on the EBA website (logo is to be provided before the event) and all other event materials for your brand visibility;
• Personal interview with reporter of the Magazine the ‘Leaders’ Times’;
• Distribution of one-page flyers among all conference delegates and on the registration stalls;
• Opportunity to give souvenir/image gifts at the ceremony;
• The Conference press-release with information about the company as event partner;
• Your banner displayed during the summit (banner produced and brought to the forum by participant);
• Placement of your advertising and informational materials (logo/banner) with a link to your webpage on the summit website (material produced and submitted by participant);
• Insertion (one page flyer) in all the summit delegate bags;
• Company logo/brand name displayed on the summit signage, programme, catalogue, on the forum website and all other event materials.

Europe Business Assembly

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EBA Global

VIP Programme Coordinator
Anastasia Mallwill
Tel: +44 7597707593