Summit of Leaders – 2019 ‘Mastery. Innovation. Partnership.’


Date: 17 December 2019

Venue: Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, UK


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Held in miraculous scenery of ancient Oxford in Holliday Season, the Summit of Leaders – 2019 will traditionally gather the Europe Business Assembly, Global Club of Leaders and Academic Union, Oxford honourable representatives, as well as guest participants – business and academic elite form all over the world.

This year summit will focus on the innovative trends in business, education, city management and healthcare, efficient skill acquisition tools, roles and responsibilities of leaders in the modern world.

Heads of leading regional enterprises will benefit from meeting with like-minded persons, top executives, business gurus from across the globe at Plenary and Working sessions. Grounded in, and attracting high profile delegates from the real world of business, the Summit of Leaders has been being a key driver in the development of practical and commercial exchanges and partnerships for 17 years.

Previously launched ‘Oxford Debate’ platform will not stand aside. 2019 is declared the Year of Knowledge and Proficiency, so summit will provide educational experts and executives with the excellent opportunity to communicate and talk about how the educational world has to be modified and move forward.

Gorgeous and memorable Socrates Award Ceremony to the sound of the oldest Oxford’s organ will conclude the afternoon programme, and rest assured that will be a night to remember.

Europe Business Assembly Committee will be pleased and highly appreciative to meet old friends, members and partners, and admit new guests to EBA’s community.

Let’s summarize the year with success!


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