Date: 18-19 December 2018

Venue: Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, UK


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‘Lifelong Learning and one step ahead Business.

The necessity to move with the times’

The Annual Summing up Meeting of the Academic Union and the Global Club of Leaders Members, Honourable Professors, Rectors of regional Universities and Educational management professionals.


Oxford Town Hall is awaiting the grand-scale networking event and magnificent Socrates Award Ceremony that marks the beginning of the Christmas and New Year holidays!

To visit Oxford during the pre-Christmas time is a great occasion to discuss topics of interest regarding modern educational systems, innovations in the science sphere and strategic visions of modern business growth.

We will provide the speakers, academics and business executives with two discussion sections for fruitful dialogue on the subject of the educational sphere’s improvement and methods of profitable entrepreneurship. 

For the first time we are going to launch a LIVE BROADCAST of the Summit’s sessions and Socrates Award Ceremony to make the event more open and borderless!

In the Summit’s context we also welcome the holding of the ‘Oxford Debate’, really special discussion platform for experts, ‘heavyweights’ and regional leaders of the educational services market. ‘How do you see the University of Future?’ – we would like to get your opinion on it. 

In the meantime the express exhibition ‘Science and Education’ may become an excellent opportunity to present advertising materials and associated products of your company or institution.

For professors’ and rectors’ attention!

Oxford Summit of Leaders - 2018 invites you to take part in the ‘Grand Rector’s parade’, a significant part of the Night Gala Ceremony. Academic Union Members, Honourable Professors, and Rectors are invited to the Gala Dinner in their Academic dresses to present the uniqueness and diversity of our attendees.


Don’t miss this memorable event that can enrich your experience!


18 December
Summit of Leaders – 2018


09:00-10:00 / Registration / Oxford Town Hall

Morning coffee/tea and networking / Old Library, Oxford Town Hall

10:00-10:10 / Summit Opening / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

Keynote Address by 

Prof. John Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK. 


10:10-10:40 / Plenary Section / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

- ‘Proactive leader which can learn, earn and inspire communities’
Keynote speaker - Christina Briggs, Global Club of Leaders President, CEO of ‘New World Insight’ Ltd, UK, USA

- ‘University of the future: new trends and opportunities’
Keynote speaker - Sergei A. Gutnikov, MD, DPhil (Oxon). Expert in academia and grants, Oxford Progress. Scientist, researcher and lecturer. 


10:40-13:00 / Presentation Section / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

Moderator - Christina Briggs, Global Club of Leaders President, CEO of ‘New World Insight' Ltd, UK, USA

‘Favourable businesses in investment attractive territories’

We are going to hear the ‘providers’ of innovative business modifications – leading entrepreneurs of the quickly developing countries. Main points that push leaders to reinvent themselves, so they can evolve ahead of the changing times.

- Presentation from the appointed EBA Business Ambassador – Dr. Jessy Lai, Founder/Group CEO, Monspace Multinational Corporation, Malaysia 'ECOSOC and EBA: Face the Social Business. Ways to engage.'

- Presentations from the Best Regional Companies. Sharing the experience and personal achievements.

- Admission of the new Global Club of Leaders members.

‘Lifelong learning. The pursuit of knowledge for competitiveness and employability’

Breakout Topic 1 - High Education and Research
How to measure quality and achieve good positions in world rankings of universities?

Breakout Topic 2 - Education and Business alliance
Nowadays more and more universities are ready for initiative contacts, comprehensive partnership and joint projects with the other higher education institutions around the world. Of course, universities must cooperate, not compete.
But what do you think about strategic partnerships with the business environment? We intend to speak about the balance of mutual benefits.

Breakout Topic 3 - Urgent conversation: ‘We can STOP the corruption’. Is it a myth or reality? 
Corruption remains one of the acutest problems despite the country’s level of development. Whether the corruption has a nationality? Is it area-based?
We are ready to debate on the provocative subject of corruption in HE institutions.

Breakout Topic 4 – Creation of branches of world universities. 
How to create affiliates of universities in other parts of the world that provide sustainable growth for institutions. What is the secret of a dynamic approach to nurturing a global network of students and academic staff?

Breakout Topic 5 – Urgent conversation: The right to inclusive education.
This is an inalienable right for everyone under European norms for a while. But what we can say about still only developing countries. So, let's try to figure out what inclusive education is and when it will be really available for students with special needs.

Breakout Topic 6 - New IT and online paradigm at Educational institutions.
Studying new IT plans to manage universities and online courses (MOOC and others) to attract learners.

 Admission of the new Academic Union members.

Session Summing up

13:00-14:00 / Lunch / Old Library, Oxford Town Hall

Break and informal communication 

14:00-16:00 / ‘Oxford Debate’ / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

Moderator-Prof. John Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly, UK

‘Oxford Debate’ 

‘How do you see the University of Future?’

We propose a really special discussion platform for experts, ‘heavyweights’ and regional leaders of the educational services market. 


  • The main person in University: student or professor?
  • ‘From teacher-centered to a student-centered teaching model: can we achieve? Possibilities and prospects. Difficulties.’ 
  • Speaker - Prof. Kyriakos Athanasiou, Emeritus Professor, University of Athens, President of State Scholarship Foundation, Greece


  • Does the training of students in real practical skills help them to find work faster?
  • Is it necessary to change radically the educational programme?

Speaker - Mrs. Marianna Dipiloane Monyadiwa Phutsisi, Principal, Motheo TVET College, South Africa 


  • The right way to look on the Campus of future.

Speaker - Prof. dr. ir. Alexandra den Heijer, Professor of Public Real Estate, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands 


  • Individual education and individual evaluation system.
  • Is this just a current trend or really upcoming importance?


  • Does the HE University have a future without an effective strategy of online learning, blended learning, m- and e-learning implementation?

 Speakers: Prof. Dr. Tyrone Pretorius, Rector and Vice-Chancellor, University of the Western Cape, South Africa;

Prof. Shijie Yu, Director of Tsinghua Online Education Office, China


  • Continuing Learning & Lifelong learning.
  • Expert’s opinion: your point of view on the university’s role in the lifelong learning concept.

 Speaker: Mr. MD.G R Jahangir, Principal, Chetona Model Academy (CMA), Bangladesh


  • Universities must cooperate, not to compete with each other.
  • Are you ready for initiative contacts, comprehensive partnership and joint projects with the other higher education institutions around the world? 

Speakers: Prof. Garba Dahuwa Azare, Director General and Chief Executive, National Teachers' Institute, Nigeria;
Ms. Cintya Aguirre Brito, Chief IT Architect, Ameise Software, Republic of Ecuador


Presentation of certificates and grateful diplomas to debate’s speakers.


‘Oxford Debate’ Summing up

ANNOUNCEMENT for Speakers of ‘Oxford Debate’
Participants’ speaking notes are going to be published in the special booklet, supplement to upcoming Socrates Almanac Edition!
Regarding the topic ‘The University of Future: Classical higher education institution – e-learning hub – center of expertise of knowledge’ speakers are asked to send talking points of their speeches (2000-3000 signs) for publication to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before DECEMBER 14.



 18 December

Socrates Award Ceremony - 2018 


19:00-20:00 / Welcome cocktail and photo session / Assembly Room, Oxford Town Hall

Guest photographer – Mr. Martin Phelps

20:00-21:30 / The Grand New Year Reception / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

‘Grand Rector’s parade’ and Socrates Committee international awards presentation to professors, scientists, and CEOs of innovative regional companies.

Masters of the ceremony:
Peter Thompson, President, UK National Association of Toastmasters
Alan Myatt, member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers, who set two Guinness World Records as the loudest crier and for vocal endurance.

21:30-23:00 / Gala Dinner / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

Banquet traditionally accompanied by the world-famous Father Willis organ and guest musicians.


19 December
Oxford Conference Room
1 Woodin’s Way, Oxford, UK


10:00-11:00 / SPECIAL MEETING (by invitations only)

Oxford Conference Room opening

Agenda’s Key Points:

• Welcome coffee/tea

• Opening Ceremony 
We are glad to inform you that the Oxford Conference Room for the first time opens its doors for partners and members of the Academic Union and presents the highest level of technical equipment, service facilities, and exclusive projects.

• Presentation of the Admin services:
- Legal address
- Secretarial services
- Hot desk
- Conference room facilities
- Simultaneous translation

• Presentation of the Consulting services:
- Market analysis
- Accounting
- Legal and notary assistance
- Partner search
- Trade mark and patent registration in the UK and EU
- Recruitment
- Accommodation booking

• Presentation of the Smart Education Platform (which is intended for dissemination of the visual and digital information on the topic of modern society development and unites more than 120 users from 64 countries).

• Constant exposition of the Design Studio and AU Publishing projects and services. 


11:15-15:30 / Author’s Master Classes by Dr. Nina Kruglikova (advance registration)

11:15-13:15 - ‘Educational Administration and Management 

13:30-15:30 - ‘Case Study of Alumni, Fundraising & Management Structure at British Universities’




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