1. Periodicity: during the year

2. Participants
Companies and organizations with leadership ambitions and a strong reputation in the national market, regardless of size, production volume and level of scientific, technological and resource capacity, are allowed to participate in the project.

3. Organization and Expert Council
- Elaborates project documentation, announces the project in the media, accepts and registers applications for participation, provides organizational and technical support, carries out the award ceremony for participants and publishes the ‘TOP-100 Achievements Register’.
- Considers applications for participation in the project; decides on the admission of applicants in each nomination to participation. The decision is made by a simple majority of votes in accordance with the established criteria and according to the results of objective assessment of the results of applicants’ activity.
The decision is communicated to the participant within 15 working days.
- Organization and Expert Council holds the right to decide on the presenting of special ranks and awards.
- Organization and Expert Council holds the right to turn down an applicant without giving reasons.

4. Procedure
4.1 Registration
In order to register for the Project, you must submit an application for participation and provide illustrative information describing the activities and achievements of the participant in the previous year in the form of photographs (no more than 5) / a video plot (up to 3 minutes), descriptions, including tables, charts, graphs, certificates of international and national recognition, statistical data (no more than 2 pages of printed text).

4.2 Criteria
Considering geography and diversity of activities of the participants, as well as the fact that the main objective of the project is to promote regional brands at the international level, the Organizing Committee identified two groups of main evaluation criteria:
- General criteria – creativity, leadership, social responsibility, innovation, popularity of brand at the national market, strong reputation among consumers and business partners, participation in international projects, quality philosophy.
- Criteria reflecting the specificity of professional activity for every nomination.

4.3 Admission to participation
After passing the relevant procedure, each applicant receives a decision on admission to participation in the ‘TOP-100 Achievements Register’ and award ceremony within 15 working days after his/her registration.

4.4 Participation and awarding ceremony
- Information about the company / institution and the director is recorded in the ‘TOP-100 Achievements Register’ and placed in the section of website ‘Achievements Forum’ in five nominations: ‘Economics and Business’, ‘Science and Education’, ‘Culture and Art’, ‘Medicine and Healthcare’ and ‘Management of cities and territories’.
- Participants of the project ‘TOP-100 Achievements Register’ receive special encouragement diplomas and awards, which emphasize their effective professional activity and contribution to the development of national economics, business, culture, science and education, as well as patronage of arts.
The program of annual Achievements Forum, which is traditionally held in London, at the British Institute of Directors (116 Pall Mall) includes the awarding ceremony.
- Since the main objective of the project consists in demonstration of achievements, innovation and investment projects, expansion of geography of business and partnership relations of participants and popularization of their brand internationally, the participants are provided with effective tools for promotion of the company at national and international markets.
- Project participants are provided with an application form with a choice of participation packages.
- If the applicant has filled out a registration application, received a decision on admission to participation in the project and applied to the organizing committee, the participation procedure is considered to be accomplished.

5. Sources of financing and registration fees
Participation in the project and expert procedure is free of charge.
Participation in the Achievements Forum and promotional options, chosen by the participant in the application form, are extra charge.


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