GENERAL PARTNER STATUS: Charming mix to the fragrant cake ‘Success’

8886756The status of general partner of GCL provides new opportunities in the ocean of business, career growth and competence of your employees, constant PR and media support, high reputation status of your brand!

The status of general partner gives the right to use the services of packages #1-5 with a 20% discount.

The general partner is granted an exclusive right:

- To use emblems and symbols of GCL in business correspondence;
- Provision of an individual set of attributes of the Union (according to the approved complement);
- The right to use the services of official residences of the Union in Oxford with a 20% discount;
- Participation in the annual meeting of the Union in Oxford, as well as in guest sessions of the Union with a possibility of making a presentation;
- Placement of partner’s logos/banners in catalogs of the Union and ‘Socrates Almanac’ (750 characters), as well as information materials of GCL (catalogs of summits, invitation cards, on websites, etc.);
- Carrying out webinars, master classes and guest lectures under the auspices of the AU (1 webinar) with the invitation of Oxford Speakers’ Bureau experts;
- Planning and organization of thematic conferences on the basis of GCL members, as well as round tables, authorial seminars at the annual meeting of members of the Union in Oxford – Summit of Leaders;
- The right to establish an academic department on the basis of the Union in Oxford in your specialty;
- Assignment of title ‘Honorary Professor’, ‘Honorary Doctor’ of the Academic Union;
- Assignment of honorary title ‘Ambassador of business/science/charity’;
- Establishment of a personal charitable grant in Union nominations.

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