Special session of the European Medical Association ‘Medical tourism and health improvement: Georgia is open for cooperation’


Date: 5-7 June 2019

Venue: Tbilisi, Georgia


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The Sun of Georgia. The conference of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project: Medical tourism. In focus Georgia. 


For chief managers of medical centers, clinics and recreational facilities, pharmacists and medical tourism specialists


  • - Europe Business Assembly (Great Britain)
  • - European Medical Association (Belgium)
  • - International Association of Health Practice Specialists (Russia)
  • - Heart Centre ‘Guli’ (Georgia) 

The session agenda includes the presentation of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project, the official reception of participants by the EMA President, getting acquainted with the best practices and innovative methods of work of leading medical centers of Georgia, as well as with the unique recreational opportunities of Georgian nature. Presentation of phytocomponents and signing of cooperation agreements with the largest phytotherapeutic network in Ukraine – Green Planet LLC, which operates under the auspices of the homonymous All-Ukrainian Environmental Protection Society. Procedure of admission of new members to the ranks of European Medical Association. Master classes of the best health-improving practice specialists from around the world.


Draft programme 

05 June 2019 / Day 1

19:00–20:00 - Meeting of participants in the hotel hall. Welcome-Cocktail, acquaintance party

06 June 2019 / Day 2

Special session programme.
Official reception of delegates by the EMA President

9:30 – 10:00 - Registration of participants

10:00 – 14-00Opening of the conference. Welcome speech of Dr Vincenzo Costigliola, the President of EMA and the general partner of the Conference – Head of the Cardiological clinic "Guli"  prof., MD  Anzor Melia

Case 1. Presentation of the European Medical Association and the 'Best medical Practice' project and its possibilities in the field of medical tourism. Speaker – Dr. Vincenzo Kostigliola

Case 2. 'Best Medical Practice' project recommends

Presentation of capabilities and pharmacological properties of phytocomponents of All-Ukrainian Environmental Protection Society ‘Green Planet’; the signing of cooperation agreements. Speaker – Natalia Zemna, President of All-Ukrainian society ‘Green Planet’

 Case 3. Innovative Management in medical partnership

Presentations of leading medical centers and clinics

 Case 4. European Medical Association: New names

Presentation of achievements and innovative researches of medicine practitioners. Procedure of admission of new members to the ranks of European Medical Association.

14-00 – 15-00 - Lunch

15-00 – 17-00 - A visit to one of the leading medical centers in Tbilisi –Heart Center ‘Guli’. Getting acquainted with its work, meeting with Professor Anzor Melia, the head physician.

Heart Center ‘Guli’ is the leading heart center of the city, equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, with its own hospital, where the most difficult cardiological operations are performed. Guests will be able to get acquainted with the equipment and work methods of the doctors, as well as with the organization of its work and innovative management used in the clinic

19-00 – 22-00 - The official reception of participants and guests of the event by the EMA leadership and the organizing committee of the forum. Presentation of prestigious European honours to leading companies. Official photo session.

07 June / Day 3

10-00 – 13-30 - Health and Beauty Section. Master classes of doctors and leading experts in the field of health-improving practices, herbal medicine, body clearance and rejuvenescence. Moderators and co-operators: International Association of Health Practice Specialists prof., MD Ganna Zhukova and president of the Association of Manual Therapy Dr. Nicolai Nasicovsky

14-00 – 15-00 - Lunch

15-00 – 18-00 - Visit to one of the main places of interest of Old Tbilisi – Sulfur baths and the waterfall. Sulfur baths have been operating in Tbilisi for two centuries and remain the most popular place among tourists and locals. A successful combination of local flavour and health improvement

18-00 - 21-00 - Summing up and closing of the conference. Visit to the restaurant of local cuisine.

08 June / Additional day (optionally)

Excursion KAKHETI, THE BIRTHPLACE OF WINE AND HOSPITALITY. Kakheti is dynamic and historic , it is the richest wine-making region of Georgia, which is surrounded by high rugged mountains, ancient castles, and magnificent churches.                                                   


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