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“EUROMETAL” Sh.p.k. with the owner Mr. Njazi Musliu was founded in 1996 as a retail and trade /service company. Since the beginning EUROMETAL activity was metal processing. Where it started producing profiles of plated metal, water gutters and other elements of plated metal. Eurometal continuously has been very innovative and developing several departments on the metal processing profile. Beside the processing part, now the company has the capacity to do the erection part in the filed as well.

Eurometal was established with to employers, whereas today numbers around 120 regular workers, including specialized assembly team as engineers, accountant, electros, welders, drivers and erectors.

The company has started its activity in Talinoc i Muhagjereve in Ferizaj, until when in 2007 it has continued its activity in Babushi i Ri – Ferizaj. This transfer was beneficial for the company, because the company had the capacity to grow and so it did, as it started working with metal construction as well.

The technology that the company uses it is upgraded every year based on the needs of the company, and based on the market requests. Now company has the capacity to produce around 3,000 ton/per year of metal construction.

Overall, Eurometal is certified with all needed ISO standards and recently has been certified with CE certificate.

Our mission is to assure to our clients the maximum needs based on their projects.  Eurometal commits in an effective way all phases step by step of the projection, planning and budget to secure that the project will be started and finished in the right way and time. Furthermore, we are egger to invest in the company in order to meet our client’s needs.