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Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


Liboplast Plastic Industries is a Libyan company, was established in 1990, to produce various plastic production. Since 2003 the company specialized in making of PET perform and closures for different purposes, basically food backing.

Liboplast is first company in Libya producing such products. To reach the highest levels of accuracy, the company uses the best advanced technologies.

Our Mission:

Our company aims to improve the economic level of the state, and provide jobs for many of the local energies, to raise the level of their living, and entering the field of intermediate industries, which is the first step in the development of local industry.

We still being planned to makes our plant as one of the largest manufacturer of PET Preforms and closures in the region.

Estimated of our Efforts:

Liboplast has obtained many certificates and awards locally and internationally in its industrial field and its role in the development of the industrial sector in the state, and its social and humanitarian contribution in its geographical environment :

1-Certificate of Appreciation from the Vice-President of the National Congress.

2- Certificate of Appreciation from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture

3- Certificate from the Businessmen Council.

4- Award &Diploma from the international federation of business