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Established in 1997, MTA Garments Group is a premium outerwear manufacturing company that stands for authenticity, excellence, uncompromising quality and sustainable goals. It is driven by the desire to innovate while remaining true to itself and its values. The client is the cornerstone of MTA Garments’ business and the focal point of all its decisions. Nurturing talent has always been a core value of the Group, which considers its people a strategic resource and architects of its success and the key to its future growth.  With this in mind, MTA Garments Group has taken a responsible and inclusive business approach.

As a global production house with factories in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Myanmar and customers in Russia, Canada, Australia, Europe and the United States, MTA Garments Group has extensive experience in manufacturing and exporting men’s, women’s and kids’ outerwear. This includes down-filled jackets, poly-filled jackets, parka, vests, lightweight casualwear such as windbreaker, taped seam rainwear and pants. With over 30 years of history and offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York, MTA Garments Group manufactures innovative, versatile and timeless products for its clients with a keen focus on quality control. It also provides its customers with comprehensive integrated services in sourcing, apparel design, merchandising and marketing, offering a unique one-stop service to its clients. Its talented team of in-house designers in Hong Kong and New York are able to create a complete collection around each customer’s specific directions and brand identity. MTA Garments Group provides customers with a tailor-made service which is perfect just for them, functioning as their in-house vertical supply chain specifically built to give them more flexibility. MTA Garments Group uses the latest technology to bring the process of apparel manufacturing under one roof, so that their clients can grow, test new markets, and focus on their business.

MTA Garments’ goal is to pursue long-term sustainable and responsible growth with creativity, multiplicity, and consistency as its driving forces. It has been progressively strengthening its commitment to the same, as a means to further meet stakeholder expectations and to create shared value. Its integrated and flexible business model is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to have direct control over all the phases of production which add value to the process of consistently improving quality and constantly evolving. Over the years it has leveraged change to grow stronger and explore both known and new avenues, thereby seeking constant dialogue with an ever-broader client base which currently includes, Ralph Lauren, GAP, Old Navy, AEO, AF, DKNY, Calvin Klein, JCPenney, Walmart in the U.S. Springfield, Cortefiel in Spain, Rip Curl in France, TESCO in the UK to name a few.

MTA Garments Group has a production capacity of 5 million pieces per annum. Its factories in Bangladesh and Vietnam are fully automated ensuring increased productivity, increased inventory turnover and improved quality. Sophisticated automation replaces repetitive and monotonous work, reduces variability among products and product batches, reduces overheads and helps perform jobs beyond human capabilities. Moreover, automation allows integrated data sharing and analysis which enables improved cutting process with metrics that matter. All these factors have propelled MTA Garments’ position as a leading global production house preferred by clients especially in the wake of the trade war between United States and China.

MTA Garments Group is committed to quality assurance and takes a pro-active approach towards quality control. MTA Garments’ quality control procedures ensure minimal goods return and maximum customer satisfaction. Raw materials and accessories are purchased from suppliers who meet the quality standards. Fabrics are rigorously tested in independent laboratories to ensure that they comply with the customers' specifications. Pre-production samples are carefully compared with approval samples, and semi-finished and finished goods are closely inspected from sampling to shipment by MTA Garments’ quality control department. There is a quality monitoring system in place that has four stages: Pre-Production Check (PPC) which reduces the risks of faulty components. Initial Production Check (IPC) involves checking the prototype sample against the buyer's specification. Final Random Inspection (FRI) is carried out when the total consignment is packed and ready for shipment.

 MTA Garments Group is constantly striving to be one of the leading forces of change and innovation in the garment industry. In alignment with this aim, over the past couple of years MTA Garments Group has collaborated with a Korean tech company to introduce the 3D CLO system to the garment industry. 3D CLO’s cutting-edge technology allows designers to create fluid 3D garments, accessories, lingerie and swimwear with a myriad of layers and elaborate details. The entire production process is streamlined, preventing unnecessary costs and shortening lead times.

Over the years MTA Garments Group has received various awards for its social responsibility, efficiency, quality control and charitable work. This year, MTA Garments Group was honored with the Hong Kong Most Outstanding Service Award (HKOS Award 2019) for being a pioneer in introducing the 3D CLO design technology to the garment industry.