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PrJSC "Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant" comprises the unique complex including three technological shops situated on one production site and the total amount of processing up to 600 tons of milk per day:

  • shop of whole-milk products with sectors for manufacture of sweet cream butter, ultra high-temperature treated milk and curd products, yoghurts, pasteurized milk and fermented milk products;
  • canning shop for production of various kinds of preserved milk products with sugar in a variety of consumer packaging and industrial packaging;
  • shop of dry milk products.

The main competitive advantage of our company is the use of traditional technologies in the production of almost the entire range of dairy products together with the use of the most modern equipment and IT-technologies in their management.

The main mission of the plant - producing first-class goods needed by people - a much stronger guarantee of success than the desire to become rich.

One of the main achievements of the last years of the plant's operation was the results of many years of joint work with the farms supplying raw milk, which ensured almost 60% of the total supplied raw milk its compliance with European standards. This is a significant prerequisite for the implementation of the program for the receipt of a euronumber.

These changes allowed to conduct an audit of the canning shop and the shop of dry milk products and obtain a certificate of international standard.

In the shop of whole-milk products, a complete technological modernization of the Fermentation Department was carried out, which resulted in full automation and programming of all the process control systems of the department.