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Innovative brand of cosmetic products for hair and skin, Inoar stands out for anticipating consumer trends, developing high quality products, affordable and environmentally responsible, without using ingredients of animal origin and without testing on animals.

The Homescan study, Shampoo + Post Shampoo, conducted by Nielsen, one of the largest market research institutes in the world, showed a growth of 130% in Brazilian homes for Inoar in the comparative 2016 vs. The study also showed growth data in Value (+ 75%); Volume (+ 60%) and Increase of Average Ticket (+ 21%) for the Inoar brand. With information referring to the year 2015 and 2016, the study provides information that seeks to understand the buying behavior of Brazilian households.

In 2017, growth was 29% over the previous year.

Social responsibility has always been one of Inoar's pillars. It is in this sense that the Solidarity Beauty social project operates. Helping to improve the living conditions of hundreds of families, the project offers training courses in beauty services and, through partnerships with charities, carries out actions such as courses or emergency donations, with the distribution of care kits personal. The actions take place in Brazil and other countries where Inoar operates.

In 2017 we launched Projeto Sustentabelo, a revolution in the subject of shared responsibility and social commitment, through an effective reverse logistics, a pioneer in Brazil, considering the correct discards for hair cut in salons.

The project is based on the following actions:

  • Innovation in the reverse logistics of capillary waste;
  • Interaction with the local community through social inclusion and female empowerment;
  • Proper destination of hair after cutting.

In line with Inoar's environmental respect pillars, and taking into account that there is no effective reverse logistics in Brazil and correct disposal for the hair that is cut in beauty salons, Inoar, together with Instituto Internacional Chico Mendes.

In the project, training and qualification of personnel of each hall were carried out for the correct handling with the discards (hair cut); orientation through booklets; certification offered by the Chico Mendes Institute, as well as the grant and seal that the project was successfully implemented.