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We employ around 200 people in Europe coming from 25 different countries in the world.

Our sites are located in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and United Kingdom.

The headquarters is in Mendrisio, Switzerland, where among others, innovation department employees comprise 15% of the total work force.

The Swiss manufacturing sites of Mendrisio and Couvet have a production capacity of 25 million ampoules (ongoing expansion to 60 million), 5 million infusion bags and over 5 million vials.

All our products are manufactured and controlled under strict quality and safety measures, meeting the Swiss, European, US and international highest standards.

National well experienced and professional teams are carefully taking care of the Swiss, German, Austrian British and Irish markets, promoting occasions for innovation and bolstering the direct business growth.

The international expansion is driven by a fast track partner selection and affiliation process in each and every target country of the world. A dynamic portfolio of selected branded medicines, developed to answer unmet clinical needs, is what the Global Division offers to our strategic international partners to build a sustainable and long lasting successful alliance.