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Omnipro Industries (Pvt) Ltd was incepted in Sri Lanka in March 2011, to manufacture high quality precision molded products for the electrical industry. From the inception, Omnipro Industries (Pvt) Ltd has seen a clear growth while expanding the production capacity to meet the customer demands and competition in the market. OUR VISION is to become the "True Sri Lankan Pride" in Electrical Industry. OUR MISSION We strive to create and produce the ultimate quality products for the total electrical industry and to the power sector, at no compromise to the environment. CERTIFICATION Omnipro Industries was awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System (QMS) by the Sri Lanka Standard Institution (SLSI) due to continuously improving its quality standards. Omnipro Sri Lanka has provided young professionals in Engineering, Business Management, Information Technology and for skilled employees in injection molding while also creating indirect employment for related Sri Lankan industries. OUR PEOPLE We are a team of Engineers,Technicians, Machine Operators special¬ized in injection molding, tooling and designing. Quality Assurance Department consists of QA Specialists who are experienced in ISO Standards and lean manufacturing. Our team is around 80 people. We are the second largest engineering plastic molding facility in Sri Lanka, having State of The Art Automated Injection Molding Machines. OUR PRODUCTS Measuring & Protection Equipment (Meter Enclosure) The Measuring and Protection Equipment Enclosure was initially in¬troduced to public sector to minimize tampering to the measuring and protection equipments by public and to increase the reliability and durability of the measuring and protection equipments. Our en¬closure is designed and produced for outdoor use as well as indoor. The enclosure will protect the equipments from rain, dust, and pest as well as tampering and steeling mainly electricity. Out of 5million households in Sri Lanka almost 1.3 million house¬holds are fixed with our enclosure to protect the energy meter for the past six years. Plastic Single Phase Meter Enclosure Box Specifications Material - Polycarbonate Juntion Box Our unique junction box design is in high strength and quality. It has 1 inch and % inch provisions for each pipe joint and easy fixing capability. Multi Socket Adapter Presently Omnipro is the only manufacturer in Sri Lanka who produce Multi Socket Adapters with USB. We produce non USB Multi sockets as well. Our range is 5A and 13A with fused safety. All metal components are in high quality standards and sockets with safety openings. Holders Our range of Holders made out of polycarbonate materials. Durability and Quality of the product cannot be compared with any other. Sunk boxes (Single and Double) Our Sunk boxes are with interlocking railing for interconnections where it can be used for 3 or 4 applications, which ever the way you want.