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History The history of the company founded at the beginning of 20th century represents real professional success. The factory started with work on May 1 1928 in facilities located in the "Stevan Nemanja" military barracks in Krcagovo. The authorities of Uzice decided to give the land for the building of a new factory. In 1935 started the foundation of the first factory of this kind in the Balkans. The official name of the factory was "Factory of Arms and Ammunition in Uzice" (F.O.M.U). At the beginning of World War II, Uzice was the only town in Yugoslavia, and possibly in Europe, in which an arms factory was working under occupation. It had a very important role in equipping units of the National Liberation Army. After the war, on September 5th 1947, the factory in Uzice was renamed "Prvi Partizan" and it became a state owned company with general social importance. Production program After the World War II, workers decided to commit to some civil products, mainly to agricultural equipment, which was necessary for the factory to survive. The base of PPU production program, which next to other departments has got two production factories, the one for ammunition and another for tools and machines, consists of: