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Diversified Busbar Trunking Systems or DBTS is involved in design and manufacture low voltage 1000V and medium voltage 3.6 to 36KV electrical busbar trunking systems and provide niche engineering and integrated distribution solutions with high quality and reliability complying to international standards. The strong passion for copper and aluminium busbar conductors plus thermoset epoxy materials in the past 30 years have accumulated vast knowledge and experience prove to be priceless in improvement, creating new product designs as well as new innovation to the industries. DBTS always has very strong belief in serving the customers and well beings of the society. Highest quality, safety and reliability are always first without compromise. DBTS achieved his first ISO 9001 certification by TUV in 2005. DBTS also has allocated from year to year substantial budgets for testing and certification by third parties, test equipment and instruments such as high voltage Faraday cage, 3 phase current injection test set up to 10000A, micro-ohm resistant meter, Gauss meter and etc. to ensure products performances are complied. DBTS busbar trunkings are now operating in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe in all sectors. DBTS recognizes people are the best assets. Year round training and opportunity for exposure and participations in all departments are freely available to develop staff's talents and potentials. DBTS is also taking in undergraduates