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Loved by celebrities, high society and fashion aficionados, Zorab Atelier de Creation is a name that has risen to the greatest heights of the jewellery world. Mr. Zohrab Istanboulian, founder & C.E.O. of Zorab Atelier de Creation, is in jewelry business since half a century. Which runs in the family through generations. Himself being exposed to diverse cultures spending his life living in different continents and studying and understanding their concept of jewelry mixing, have been continuing his endevour towards creating the jewelry of highest quality and standards, leading the jewelry industry into new dimensions. He has enlightened the world with the new dimensions in the art of creating jewelry which has been profoundly accepted by the satisfied end users world wide and has given a new trend and direction to the jewelry industry in the art of making fine jewelry. Every piece of his jewelry is not a mere metal being embodied with color stones set in a particular manner but is the transformation of the imagination of an artist in the form of an artistic piece which is so natural , unique and surely an antique of the future. Together, Zohrab Istanboulian, well-known and highly respected in the jewellery industry since half a century, and wife Arsine, working relentlessly side by side day and night, made a journey of which others can only dare to dream. This partner team built their business up from a small workshop in Beirut to be ranked among the top 10 jewellery houses in the world, placing them amid the likes of Cartier, Bulgari, and Harry Winston. It wasn