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OBD Seda Broker is an insurance brokerage company established in 2008. With the adoption of the Law on Insurance Supervision, for the first time on the Macedonian market there was an opportunity for opening of insurance brokerage companies. A team of young but well-established experts took advantage of this opportunity of the new law and formed the insurance brokerage company Seda-Broker. Historically, the role of brokers as new players on the Macedonian market for customers was unknown. Therefore, in the first years we had to work on educating the market and the clients about the need and the advantage of concluding the insurance through insurance brokers. In this defined market, the young team of OBD Seda-Broker managed to impose their expertise and vision and offer a new concept of managing the complete customer insurance portfolio. Customer care, both in the area of selecting the best insurance cover and in the area of expert assistance in dealing with damages, was a real refreshment on the market. Seda-Broker through our brokerage team introduced services that are the core of our business, to liaise between insurance companies and our clients with the special care and understanding the needs of both parties. We found it very familiar almost natural, that typical work activities on an Insurance Broker include assessing client insurance needs, attracting new clients, amending existing policies, developing customized insurance plans, and advising clients on how they can fill claims, and push it further where our team members should demonstrate insurance industry expertise, excellent selling skills, analytical thinking, communication etc.. With the introduction of new standards in managing the insurance portfolio of OBD Seda Broker, the company managed to separate itself from the competition and gain the image of a modern company with a modern way of doing business. Symbiosis of the two main departments of the company, which are the analysis and risk management department for our clients as the departments that finds the best insurance solution for our clients, and the damage department that fully represents the interests of our clients in case of damages and helps them recover the impaired claim in the quickest and most efficient way. Results shows that our business model is fully functioning and has strong foundation, where we are building history of profitable growth, strong execution and disciplined management. Seda-Broker has opportunities to grow in excess of the industry in R. Macedonia. We are focused on our strategy to grow profitably and have experience and capabilities to optimizing our core business to significant opportunities. Seda-Broker will continue to implement improvements in productivity and procurement. Our mission is to deliver safer future and best value to our clients, investors, employees and partners through our core values, however also remaining strong in our dedication to retain the strategic goals and to uphold the Company