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Recognized nationally in the principles of Loss Prevention by creating market trends and developing innovative services, Moraes Velleda (MV) goes through a period of optimism and expansion despite the adversities that have hit the Brazilian economy in recent years. Founded more than a decade ago by Andr? Velleda, MV maintains a focus on the segments of the loss prevention market, while taking into account new possibilities. Moraes Velleda stands out as a consultancy focused on excellence and assertiveness in the areas of risk management and operations throughout the logistics chain, with a fundamental principle of information confidentiality, combined with technological innovations, as well as customized solutions to improve productivity and assist in the difficulties experienced by customers in their operations, thus providing more safety and better results for all players - such as insurers, shippers, logistics operators, carriers, technology companies and risk managers. With its own IT staff, specialized consultants and commercial managers trained to present the best solutions according to the needs of the clients, MV has developed a privileged structure, molded to provide security, efficiency and secrecy in the operations of the players of the entire logistics chain. For each segment, the company offers a differentiated service. Moraes Velleda has as strategy to provide a consultancy who acts integrally focused on the operation of the client, with exclusive dedication to obtain the maximum understanding of its routines and operational dynamics. In this way, MV is able to understand all customer needs and then propose customized solutions, implementing measures for loss control and loss prevention.