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Rio Uruguay Seguros (RUS) is a company of the social economy that was born in 1958, at the initiative of a group of local entrepreneurs and merchants with a clear and solid objective: to defend the local resources for their reinvestment and to promote regional development. The cooperative values and principle set by its founders were sustained and increased over time. Today it has 25 agencies in 12 provinces and more than 2,500 producers throughout the country, experiencing growth that not only surpasses the market average but also allows it to lead economic and casual performance rankings. In 2004, it adhered to the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Since then, a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy has been developed, formalizing the solidarity actions that were carried out since its inception and giving sustainability to them. The CSR policy depends directly on the Administration Counsel, is considered strategic and is subject to certification. It is the first and only insurer with ISO certification in all its processes of Central House and Agencies, at the same time as it seeks and works for the certification of its producers. It invested in new technologies, exploiting the new possibilities provided by these tools and in turn creating a computer system of its own that allows issuing policies in a decentralized from agencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has received international awards for quality and business excellence, but also shares its case in the main auditoriums and universities in the country and abroad. It has recently been developing important real estate projects, such as a fully sustainable Eco Building and an urban development of more than 90 hectares on the Ruta 14 highway.