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AAA ACTIVOS LDA is an Angolan company that owns and operates hotels of 3, 4 and 5 stars in Angola.  Currently we are operating 13 hotels in Angola in the cities of Luanda, Viana, Cacuaco, Sumbe, Benguela, Huambo, Lubango, Namibe, Benguela, Mbanza Congo, Uige, Ndalatando.

AAA ACTIVOS LDA is a n investment company with more than US$ 1,4 billion of Assets. AAA ACTIVOS LDA owns 88,99% of AAA SEGUROS SA which was the major and leading insurance company in Angola and owns also 49% of STANDARD BANK DE ANGOLA SA.

AAA ACTIVOS LDA have 86 buildings in Angola completed or under construction and finishing. We are now constructing and finishing more hotels to be opened this year and next years. The new hotels to be opened will be in Luena, Cabinda, Soyo, Malange, Lucapa, Dundo, Saurimo, Caxito, Menongue, Lobito, Tombwa, Ondjiva and Santa Clara.

Currently AAA ACTIVOS LDA owns and operates 1 IKA Hotel (4 star hotels) and 12 IU Hotels (3 star hotels) in different cities of Angola. We currently employs 654 persons in different locations of Angola.