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It was the best of time in the tiny hamlet of Dhuligaon, situated at the outskirt of a small township called Golaghat, where the company saw the light in the year 2008. This can also be referred to as the area which received the generous patronage of the farsighted British tea planters centuries ago.

The firm began its operations with myself and my better half, Mrs. Dolly Gogoi, as directors. The journey was not that smooth till 2015, but the only assets that I had were my determination and self-confidence.

These important virtues that formed a part of my trait were all inherited from my dad who was also a tea grower. He too with his stubborn zeal and unparalleled hardwork, was able to set up a tea plantation for himself which was fairly large at his time.

Coming back to 2019, currently the company has two factories which directly employs 500 people and close to 10,000 people through indirect means. With a combined production of 2.5 million Kgs of tea and an annual turnover of 5.6 million USD in FY 19, Sanjiv Tea is taking small but significant steps. Its product offerings include the traditional CTC (Cut Tear and Crush), Green Tea and Orthodox Tea.

Mr. Sanjib Gogoi was born on 5th March 1979 at Dhuligaon, a small village near the Golaghat Town. Among the six children he was the youngest with two elder brothers and three elder sisters born to Mr. Muluki Gogoi and Mrs. Soneswari Gogoi. He had his education at a local institute of Golaghat Town.

Sanjib started his business activities right from the school days and was assisting his father in the tea plantation since then. Subsequently, he availed a bank loan and started his tea processing unit. There he was able to showcase his management skills and led the business to greater heights.

By the dint of his untiring efforts and dynamic leadership, he succeeded and opened another processing unit. This enabled Sanjib to be a well-known industrialist not only in his own district but in the entire state of Assam.

He is happily married to Dolly Gogoi and has two kids Hrishita and Sameer. His journey of success is still sailing ahead and craving more laurels in the near future.