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Bidrico was founded in 2001. With continuous effort and innovation, Bidrico otherwise known as Bidrico brand, has affirmed its position in nationwide market with different products. Bidrico is a manufacturer and exporter of beverage products. Beside the domestic market, we are exporting to 20 other countries around the world. Our main products include fruit juice drink, energy drink, carbonated soft drink, bird's nest drink, winter melon tea, yoghurt, fruit jelly, aloe vera drink, pure water. The company's products are produced on many world-class modern and closed chains from France, Germany, Sweden,etc with automatic extraction and pouring technology, UHT aseptic technology, fruit drink extraction technology, etc so manufacturing products with hight quality, large output, the labor savings. Besides that, bidrico is researching and creating new products that are suitable with new consumer trens. Currently, Bidrico has more than 400 distributors and thousands of agents across the country and also exported to some countries in Asia, in Middle East, Africa, American. Bidrico is affirmed its position on the beverage market of Vietnam and reaching out of the world.