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Buchen Kozyak is a private company established in 1983 by the married couple Branko and Stojka Stojkovski, who have decided to start with obtaining milk from local farmers and produce dairy products. Initial volumes were quite modest, but as time passed quantities grew gradually. From the very beginning until today what founders set as the base of their work, after their death continued by their successors and gradually turned into the mission of the company, and so everyone involved starting from the management as well as the employees have continuously strived to produce natural and high quality dairy products that meet the needs of consumers and thereby enabling consumption of healthy products which have been produced in traditional way. The clear vision of what they want, which was: BUY ONLY QUALITY MILK AND PRODUCE ALL-NATURAL DAIRY PRODUCTS. The natural taste of the products is what made the dairy recognizable in the choosy market. The long years of existence of Buchen Kozyak speak for themselves for the good working discipline in the company, which has been recognized and rewarded by the customers. What makes Buchen Kozyak an established brand is the production of top quality milk products which are made with a successful combination of traditional knowledge and the latest technological trends in a creative work atmosphere. Buchen Kozyak pursues its policy of controlled quality, devotedly working on fulfillment of goals set and aspiring towards improvement of its production facilities and personnel. Confirmation of this effort is the numerous awards, acknowledgements and letters of gratitude received from many institutions and independent agencies which analyze the market. MISSION AND VISION Mission: The management and the employees make efforts to produce only high quality milk products that will enable end users to meet their dietary needs while consuming safe natural products made in a traditional fashion. The aim for restructuring the small family business into a company widely recognized by its dairy products which ensures for consumers a healthy way of living is the main vision of the company. PRODUCTION AND TECHNOLOGY What is considered the key feature of the company is the long term experience, considering high quality products and adequate usage of production capacity. The technology of processing milk is executed considering most advanced rules and regulation. The professional control , performed by professional employees, which have been trained and educated accordingly ensures the production of high quality dairy products. The technological process of milk production takes place in accordance with most modern and demanding rules and regulations. Quality control, done by up-to-date trained supervisors in our company, warrants production of high quality processed milk products. PRODUCTION RANGE In their production variety are included the following dairy products: Liquid products: