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We are an Investment House with expertise in Structured Fixed Income, with 100% capital protected. We have been operating for over a decade in wealth management. Our exclusive products are; Renda Fixa Estruturado Renda and Renda Fixa Estruturado Rendimentos, the difference between them is that in Renda, the client receives the investment, which is the principal capital plus interest, at maturity. In the Rendimentos product, the customer receives interest on a monthly basis so that he can cover the monthly fixed costs and when due, he receives the principal. The portfolio of these products consists of treasury products from top-tier banks, together with a small portion of credit - prepayment of receivables (hedged).


In addition to these products, we also offer the Suitability service, which is the verification of the suitability of the product to the client, that is, it is a technique, through a form, that helps the client and the institution to understand the investor's profile and, thus, look for and offer specific products and a personalized service. And this functionality is available to all customers through our website.


Our differential is the personalized service and our exclusive products. In these more than 10 years in the market, there has never been a credit default event, which ensures our credibility and excellence.


Eduardo Matarazzo is the company's founding partner and CFO. Simone Costa (CFP ®, MiFID II)  is the Commercial and Business Strategy Superintendent.