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South Africa


Lemac Group SA is a business capital and investment holding company operating within very subjugated markets of the Republic of South Africa and various countries worldwide.

Currently our portfolio consists of seven (6) companies in various business sectors from business consulting, finance, IT, insurance, funeral undertaking, traveling and tourism, tax management, and other broader spectrum of services which to date have saw the success of the company.

Lemac Group SA was able to build and fund all its companies: Lemac Life (Pty) Ltd, Lemac Business Networks, Lemac & Associates, Turn The World (Pty) Ltd, Angel of Grief (Pty) Ltd and Obsessed With Technology (Pty) Ltd, and we are proud to say that all our companies are demonstrating significant growth every year since their inception. In 2018 only, Lemac Group SA has created 36 jobs for South Africans, and our goal is to create at least 36 more jobs within the remainder of the year, and 100 jobs in 2020. Our ultimate goal is to create employment for at least a total comprehension of 200 people before the end of 2021.

We are currently working tirelessly to establish road and air transport company which we hoped it would be running by February / March 2019, but due to logistics and legal requirement we now hope it will launch in November 2019.

Whilst working diligently on this project, we are also in the process of launching an International Property Investment Corporation under the name “Lemac Property Networks” which will have its first offices in South Africa and employ 25 people, and London with at least 10 employees excluding sales agents.

Lemac Group SA has recently in April 2019 acquired 40% steak in a bullet proof vest manufacturer; which also forms part of our equity.

All these above mentioned companies are fully owned and under the umbrella Lemac Group SA with full operational control.

We are proud to announce that Lemac Group SA demonstrates significant growth over the years.